Ron Burgundy is everywhere, and now he’s singing with everyone. The Will Ferrell character from “Anchorman 2” appeared on Thursday’s (Dec. 19) “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” to perform with Christopher Cross. Yes, that guy is still around.

Not only is Cross still around, he’s game to sing “Ride Like the Wind,” which is part of the “Anchorman” soundtrack.

Before you watch the video, a warning: Christopher Cross is not particularly recognizable if you just know him from 30-year-old photos. His voice, however, is very familiar.

The vintage split-screen shot — a staple in ’70s and many early ’80s music videos — is entirely consistent with all of this silliness. One might say the same about Burgundy’s captain hat. Granted, the hat might work better for a Captain & Tennille performance, but what can you do?

Burgundy, as he will, adds some of his own commentary to Cross’ song during the “JKL” performance. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • “Is that atmospheric smoke? Or is there a fire in here?”
  • “I never was the kind to do what I was told” / “‘Cause you’re not dependable.”
  • “Why is he singing lead? I’m much better.”
  • “I don’t know if I’d go to Mexico.”
  • “That’s right. When Ron Burgundy rides, he rides like the wind. Not like a Subaru or a golf cart — like a goddarn wind. Powerful! Sleek! And invisible! You feel that draft up your skirt, ladies? That’s me. OK, that was creepy.”
  • “I smoked a funny cigarette with Christopher Cross backstage, and let’s just say the filter is off!”

“Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues” is in theaters now.

Posted by:Laurel Brown