bill hader her spike jonze gi Wait, Bill Hader was in 'Her'?You might’ve recognized Kristen Wiig as the kooky lady Joaquin Phoenix has uncomfortable phone sex with during an early scene in Spike Jonze‘s Oscar contender “Her,” but you probably didn’t register that one of the other voices you heard was someone familiar: Bill Hader.

The former “Saturday Night Live” star tells Vulture that his own father didn’t even recognize that he was in the movie until he saw his son’s name in the credits. “I took my dad to go see it and he didn’t know I was in it until the credits started rolling,” Hader says. “He was like, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute — which one were you?’ I was like, ‘It’s fast and I sound like a woman. But that was me.’ And then we got the screener at home and watched it again and he again said, ‘Wait, who were you? What were you?’ It’s easy to miss. ”

Hader has ventured more into film since leaving “SNL” in May 2013, and was excited to work with a director like Jonze. “Just to be associated with such a phenomenal film … like, I got in the car [after recording] and called my wife and went, ‘I just got directed by Spike Jonze!’ It was so cool.”

Posted by:Jean Bentley