In the four-minute opening scene of “Warm Bodies,” released online today, angsty R (Nicholas Hoult) wonders, “Why can’t I connect with people?”

“Oh right — it’s because I’m dead.”

A zombie, to be exact, roaming aimlessly in a post-apocalyptic America. Like the vampires and werewolves of “The Twilight Saga” (from Summit, also producing “Warm Bodies”), the monster has become the protagonist in this new genre of filmmaking: the zombie romantic comedy. Zom-rom-com?

Julie (Teresa Palmer), R’s love interest, isn’t introduced until later, but we do get to meet his best friend, M (Rob Corddry): The two share a grunting, almost conversation in the opening minutes of the flick — which all take place at the airport, home to R and legions of the undead.

Can true love save them all? Find out when “Warm Bodies” hits theaters Feb. 1, 2013.

Posted by:dmoorhouse