Channing Tatum is already in the throes of a sequel to “White House Down.” That is, according to Jimmy Kimmel, who aired a trailer for “Waffle House Down” on Thursday night’s (June 27) “Jimmy Kimmel Live.”

The spoof trailer features Tatum as a Waffle House waiter, who is forced to come to the rescue as IHOP employees hold Waffle House cooks hostage for a cheesy grits recipe. As Tatum engages in a fierce fire fight with the “Hoppers,” a hard-of-hearing elderly couple casually peruses the Waffle House menu.
“I guess I picked the wrong day to serve waffles,” Tatum says, as he runs out of ammo. But wait, the fledgling action hero saves the day by attacking the greasy spoon breakfast terrorists with actual waffles. It’s a funny take on a movie that promises to be moronically entertaining while busting the roof off the box office. 
“White House Down” is in theaters now. Are you going to see it this weekend?
Posted by:mchance