world war z trailer 'World War Z': $50 'mega ticket' available   Would you buy?Paramount and Regal Entertainment have a lot of faith in “World War Z.” So much faith, in fact, that the companies have partnered for what they’re calling the “ultimate fan event” — a $50 mega ticket available at five theaters across the nation.

The package, available to lucky (or foolish?) fans in Orange County, Houston, San Diego, Atlanta and Philadelphia, includes a ticket to see Brad Pitt in RealD 3D two days before “World War Z” is officially released, a pair of custom RealD 3D glasses, a small popcorn, a limited-edition movie poster and an HD digital copy of the film once it’s released for home viewing.

As EW breaks down the math, Paramount and Regal are charging around $11.21 for the poster, glasses and the opportunity to catch the flick early. Is excitement for “World War Z” high enough for this package to be a success? Only time will tell.

“World War Z” hits theaters June 21, 2013 — unless you fork over the fifty clams.

Posted by:Billy Nilles