ellen page x men days of future past thumbnail 'X Men: Days of Future Past': First look at Ellen Page's Kitty Pryde

Production continues on the sequel to “X-Men: First Class,” however there has only been one behind-the-scenes look at a member of that movie’s cast, a makeup test shot of Nicholas Hoult in his role as Beast. However, director Bryan Singer hasn’t been shy about sharing photos of cast members from the original “X-Men” trilogy, who play a role in the next movie as well.
Singer has uploaded several photos to Twitter, showing the returning actors in costume. The new addition to the list is Ellen Page, who reprises her role as Kitty Pryde. Page actually joined the “X-Men” franchise after Singer left, appearing only in “X-Men: The Last Stand.” She’s the only announced actor that’s returning from the original trilogy who didn’t work with Singer. Her character had a brief cameo in “X2: X-Men United,” but was portrayed by a different actress.
Page’s photo, which includes a bit of Shawn Ashmore as Iceman, follows similar on-set photos of Patrick Stewart, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” also sees the return of Ian McKellan and Anna Paquin, in addition to the cast of “First Class.” It’s scheduled to hit the big screen on July 18, 2014.
Check out the full Ellen Page photo below:
ellen page x men days of future past 'X Men: Days of Future Past': First look at Ellen Page's Kitty Pryde
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