xmen-first class.jpg“X-Men: First Class” soared at the box office when it premiered last year. The film made Michael Fassbender a household name and gave us the back story on the rivalry between Magneto and Professor X (James McAvoy). We’re going to get to see even more. A sequel to the film is set to go, according to THR.

Fox has closed the deal with director Matthew Vaughn to return, along with the cast from the first film. No word yet on a story line, but we’re thrilled to hear that everyone is coming back. We’re desperately hoping January Jones, who played Emma Frost is given a lot of coffee on the set. Perhaps it will give her an expression. In a great film, she was the weak link.

So, who do you think should be the villain this time? Besides Magneto, we mean. And yes, we know he’s not really a villain. How much of a raise do you think Jennifer Lawrence will get if “The Hunger Games” does well? If you could re-cast Emma Frost, who would you pick? Not fair picking a cardboard standee of Jones.

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