It’s been two decades since Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) first stepped out into the public eye and no, it wasn’t in the 2001 film. The really, really, ridiculously good looking male model actually first rose to fame after VH1’s 1996 Fashion Awards aired.

In a time before Twitter and iPhones, there was just one man against the modeling world and in his arsenal were weapons like “Ferrari” and “Blue Steel.” They may come off as the same look to some, but the first is “tough” and “hard-edged” while the latter, more famous one, is “softer catalog work.”

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At the time, audiences watching the sketch may have been baffled by the idea of turning such a silly idea into a feature film but it happened in 2001. Now, 15 years later, “Zoolander No. 2” has hit theaters everywhere making this the perfect time to take a look back at Derek in his prime.

He may be less aloof and more cocky in the above video, but deep down, it’s the same old Zoolander. An important question does come to mind, though … in 2016, are left-handed runways a thing? One must assume they are. If not, a collective brow furrowing is in order.

“Zoolander No. 2” hits theaters everywhere Friday, Feb. 12.

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