Zap2it: After you served as hosts of the American Country Countdown Awards last year, Florida Georgia Line is up for three honors this time in the event Sunday (May 1) on FOX. How does it feel to be having this award run?

Brian Kelley: We’re completely humbled. It feels real good to know that people are still digging what we’re doing, and that what we’re putting out is still resonating with country music and our fans — and with country radio. It’s a blessing to do what we do, and hopefully, there’s more to come.

Are you content to be nominees and performers this year, and not to be the hosts as well?

Tyler Hubbard: Actually, it feels good not to host this year. We’re going to sit back and enjoy it, and keep our fingers crossed and hopefully take home some hardware. And have a great performance.

What are award shows like for you in general?

Brian Kelley: There’s the excitement, anxiety, restlessness, whatever you want to call it whenever we’re performing live. We know we’re going to get that musical high that we’re on when we’re connecting with our fans. You never know what’s going to happen. Last year, we had a blast, so we’re looking to have another good time.

Along with artist of the year and group/duo of the year, your other nomination is for best digital album of the year for ‘Anything Goes.’ Have you been happy with how that release has performed?

Tyler Hubbard: Yeah, we definitely can’t complain. Our fans have blown our minds again. That album just went platinum, and that’s a big deal – especially in this day and age, with streaming and all that stuff.

It definitely motivates us to keep working hard and push ourselves to become better artists and better songwriters. We really think we’ve done that with Album Three, and we’re excited about getting that out there.

Posted by:Jay Bobbin