Britney Spears has a track record in stealing the spotlight when performing at awards shows, so the anticipation was high to see her back on stage on Sunday (May 22) at the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. It seems like forever since her memorable outdoor performance at the awards show in 2001, in which she performed a killer rendition of "Slave 4 U."

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On hand to receive this year's Millennium Award, an honor that's previously only been handed out to Beyonce in 2011, and then Whitney Houston in 2012, Spears performed a medley of some of her greatest hits. She opened up with her song, "Work Bitch," while wearing a sparkly mini red dress, which she soon removed revealing an even more skimpy red bikini.

She sang her cover of "I Love Rock N' Roll," followed by "Breathe on Me," "Toxic" and few other lesser known hits that perhaps the average fan wouldn't remember, but every audience member was waiting patiently for her to perform "Baby, One More Time," "Oops, I Did it Again" and "Sometimes." How can she accept the Millennium Award, perform a combination of all her best songs and not include those tracks? That would be insane.


But then the show ended. Come on, Britney! Omitting her best songs was a serious disappointment. While the red outfit was pretty sexy, it would've been awesome to see her come out wearing the infamous school girl outfit with the pig tails. Le sigh ...

Spears expectedly lip-synced the entire show, and unfortunately, it all fell a little flat. She seemed to be somewhat dead behind the eyes. There were points in the performance in which it was possible to see her counting the steps in her head. That energy and fierceness that used to emanate from her just wasn't there. While it was great to see her back on stage grinding with her pack of phenomenal dancers, it's a serious bummer that audiences didn't get down to all her best hits.

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