Adele appeared on Australia’s “60 Minutes” where the superstar singer previewed her new song, “When We Were Young,” off her upcoming album “25.”

During the interview, Adele reveals, “It was a quite a long period where I didn’t believe in myself. I’m waiting for someone to send me back Tottenham or something!”

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The new mom’s endearing cackling laugh continues throughout the interview, and she admits “I’m an emotional wreck, anything moves me.”

And her new song could move a rock. Proving why she’s won 10 Grammys and an Oscar for her amazing vocal range, Adele puts all her talent on display as she sings the goosebump-inducing power ballad, belting the lyrics,”I’m so mad I’m getting old, it makes me restless, it was just like a movie, it was like a song, when were young.”

Adele’s highly anticipated third studio album will hit stores worldwide on Nov. 20.

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