It seemed impossible that anyone could touch the record-breaking success of Adele’s album, “25.” With its sky-rocketing sales, all the hilarious “Hello” spoofs, and the sheer pleasure of having Adele’s powerhouse vocals flood the radio, this album was the best gift for music fans. Narrowly missing the cut-off for the 2016 Grammys, it felt inevitable that come 2017, “25” would easily sweep in every category.

But then came Beyonce’s “Lemonade.” Taking over the world with her feature-length music video special and the swirl of controversy as to whether Jay Z cheated on her gave her album a slew of free publicity. Queen Bey is definitely going to be giving Adele a run for her money for whose album will reign supreme.

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The eligibility period for the 2017 Grammys is for music released between Oct. 15, 2015 and Sept. 30, 2016.  Other notable albums that will qualify include the late David Bowie’s “Blackstar” album, Justin Bieber’s surprisingly killer “Purpose” album and Drake’s recently released “Views.” Even though we’re only halfway through the year, these Grammys nominations are already shaping up to have an incredible pool of talent to pick from.

But let’s apologize now to any singer that had the wherewithal to release an album alongside “25” and “Lemonade.” Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of the Year … all these coveted prizes are destined to go to with either Beyonce or Adele. So, which of these two ridiculously talented female artists will reign supreme?


Adele says 'Fuck you'

Or Beyonce?

Beyonce says no

Zap2it breaks it down:

Song of the Year: ‘Formation’ vs. ‘Hello’

This is truly a battle of riches. Both song titles were instantly meme’d, their lyrics used as captions on every girl’s Instagram photos, and after months listening to these tunes, it seems nearly impossible to get tired of either of them. Differing from Record of the Year, this award is meant solely for the songwriters.

The feels and emotions that come through Adele’s lyrics in “Hello” are hauntingly beautiful. Written by Adele Adkins and Greg Kurstin.

The political stance taken with “Formation” is both powerful and brave while the fierce chorus keeps it danceable and fun. Written by Rae Sremmurd, Jordan Frost, Ashton Hogan, Mike Will Made It, and Beyonce.

The verdict: ‘Hello’

The emotion emanating from Adele’s “Hello” is on another level.

Record of the Year: ‘Hello’ vs. ‘Formation’

This award goes focuses on the highest quality performance and production of a song.

The verdict: ‘Hello’

Adele's got swagger

While Mike Will Made It, Beyonce and Pluss produced a seriously infectious song, there’s something more impressive and powerful in the bare bones essence of Adele’s “Hello.” Good producing doesn’t always mean having a million things going on in a song, it’s also knowing when and how to edit. Plus, this soul piano ballad became the first song to sell over 1 million digital copies in a week. No one can compete with that.

Album of the Year: ’25’ vs. ‘Lemonade’

The verdict: ‘Lemonade’

Beyonce hair flyin

This award recognizes the quality, performance and production of an entire album and Beyonce’s album in its entirety slays. Few albums these days warrant being listened to all the way through. Not only did Queen Bey drop 13 solid and diverse tracks, she created a musical film with song vignettes connecting each song to each other. QUEEN!

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At the end of the day, it’s truly wonderful to know women are currently dominating the music world — and Beyonce and Adele don’t have animosity towards each other, they’re buds.

Adele and Beyonce together

This isn’t a Britney vs. Christina situation. Or Taylor Swift vs. Katy Perry drama. Beyonce and Adele champion good music while continuing to raise the talent level required to be a respected musical artist.

Adele actually fan girls over Beyonce like the rest of the world. She proudly posted her adoration towards the “Single Ladies” singer on her Instagram.

Adele’s Beyonce worship doesn’t end there. She paused during her own concert on Thursday evening (May 5) to give Queen Bey and her fans a shout out. “The sickest artist,” who “makes music that blows my mind,” Adele gushes to a sold out crowd.

On top of everything, both singers gave “Saturday Night Live” the best material to work with in years.

First, Adele saved Thanksgiving.

Then white people apparently found out Beyonce was black.

Beyonce and Adele. We're not worthy.

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