UPDATE: Azealia Banks has issued an apology to Sarah Palin, saying she was “completely kidding” in her tweets about Palin.

The original Zap2it story continues below.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, who is currently in training for an upcoming stint as a reality show judge, seems to think she’s ready for the job — as she is currently judging Azealia Banks.

To be fair, the 24-year-old New York rapper kind of brought it on herself, tweeting on Monday (April 4) that the feisty former vice presidential candidate should have her head shaved … and then be graphically gang-raped on camera for the enjoyment of others. Which people generally do tend to take offense to.

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The drama began when Banks apparently took umbrage at a news article that had Palin saying that African-Americans “accepted [slavery] willingly” and that “negroes loved being slaves and they were doing just fine under our rules.” The only problem is, those quotes are fake and the article is from an “Onion”-like website called Newslo.com.

Banks, it seems, was not aware of the ruse — and her anger was unleashed. “Sarah Palin needs to have her hair shaved off to a buzz cut,” Banks tweets in a series of profane, violent messages. “[She needs to be forced to perform a sexual acts on a black man] and then locked in a cupboard.”

“Hideous,” she continues in the since-deleted tweets. “At least [have sex with a black person] before you start talking … about ‘black people willingly accepting slavery.’ Least she can do.”

Banks, who has stated her support for Donald Trump (also endorsed by Palin), seems to have been made aware of the fake source of her vitriol moments later, as she deleted the tweets and wrote “I can’t.” Which may have been the beginning of a tweet meant to say “… take five minutes to verify my sources before calling for another human being to be brutally raped.” Predictably enough, Palin quickly took the bait, apparently eager to start her first proper rap beef.

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“Hey Female Rapper,” Palin writes on Facebook. “Listen up, little darling. No one has any idea what you’re wigging out about in these bizarre, violent rants against me, but you’re obviously not exercising enough intelligence to acknowledge you’ve been sucked into believing some fake interview in which I supposedly offered comments representing the antithesis of my truth.

“In this life, you’re blessed to have been given an influential platform. So have I. Why don’t we strengthen both our platforms and work together on something worthwhile – like condemning racism, along with empowering young women to defend themselves against a most misogynist, degrading, devastating assault perpetrated by evil men – rape.

“Thanks. And now I’ll go through my young daughter’s playlist to make sure there hasn’t been any inadvertent addition of any anti-woman, pro-rape garbage that you seem to endorse, which perpetuates the cultural challenges we face in America. I encourage other parents to do the same.

“God bless you Ms. Banks, as you consider a change of heart. – Sarah Palin.”

With Palin’s newfound interest in reality programming, perhaps it’s time someone introduces these two to celebrity boxing.

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