On Tuesday (March 8), Blake Shelton released his new album, “Came Here to Forget,” and while everyone is wondering which songs are about his ex-wife Miranda Lambert or which tunes were inspired by new girlfriend Gwen Stefani, Zap2it can’t help but think: why did he Photoshop the life of out his album cover?

Shelton is a good looking fellow, but this black-and-white wrinkle free album cover makes him look more like a White Walker from “Game of Thrones” than the country singin’ heartthrob judge from NBC’s “The Voice.”

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The 39-year-old is also reminiscent of popular fan art of Illyria from “Angel.”

Blake Shelton and Illyria fan art

With that dead behind the eyes stare, Shelton could also pass for someone controlled by Loki from “The Avengers.”

Blake Shelton and Loki

Or maybe, Russell Crowe’s Maximus from “Gladiator.”

Blake Shelton and Russell Crowe

With a scruffier beard and a page boy hat, Shelton could be a ringer for Sean Maguire (Robin Williams) from “Good Will Hunting.”

Blake Shelton and Robin Williams


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