As any parent of a toddler will tell you, it can be really hard to get a decent workout when you’re being constantly trailed by an adorable little rugrat with an incessant desire to be picked up and cuddled. But when you’re a celebrity like Carrie Underwood, keeping in peak red-carpet condition comes with the job description — so, the actress has recruited her 8-month-old baby as a spotter.

“Sometimes we just have to make it work!” posts the country star and “American Idol” alumni on Instagram, alongside an adorable video of her doing squats while holding her son.

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Luckily for parents everywhere, the ideal weight to kick your workout up a notch while doing deep-knee bends is typically somewhere between 10 and 25 pounds. So, when Underwood bobs up and down more than a dozen times with baby Isaiah, not only is she giving the Mom-time he desires, but she’s also giving her lower half a heckuva workout.

Using the hashtags #StayThePath, #workout, #fitness, #trainingwithbaby and #fitmom, the 32-year-old singer definitely seems to be sticking with that last one in particular. But of course, babies don’t care how much cardio Mom and Dad have had in a day — they just want some play time. So, Underwood followed up later with another Instagram that had the two of them being silly together.

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