The most adorable thing happened in Chicago over the weekend. Dick Van Dyke led a group of fans in a sing-a-long of “Let’s Go Fly A Kite” from “Mary Poppins” on the front lawn of Walt Disney’s birthplace.

The video was posted to Facebook by Nicolas DeGrazia, the artistic director for Bitter Jester Foundation for the Arts. He writes, “[Van Dyke] marches out on steps of Walt Disney’s birthplace on N. Tripp in Chicago and says ‘Hi! I’m what’s left of Dick Van Dyke!’ Then he busts out laughing. The guy is 90 years old and running around and skipping with a huge smile on his face. 🙂 Amazing. I love my job.”

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The actor’s appearance was part of a promotion for the soon-to-be finished restoration of Disney’s home. While in Chicago, Van Dyke also hosted a one-night-only show at the Tivoli Theatre where he entertained the audience with anecdotes and more singing, including “Didn’t Leave Nobody But The Baby” from “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” and the title song from “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”

And lest you think this kind of thing is a one-time affair, earlier this year Van Dyke entertained ABC viewers by joining “Dancing With the Stars” pro Derek Hough for a rousing rendition of “Step in Time” to help celebrate Disneyland’s 60th birthday.

If you told us Dick Van Dyke was a magical man who could help us jump into chalk drawings on the sidewalk, we 100 percent believe you.

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