Surprising audience members at the Paramount Theatre in Seattle, Wa., on Wednesday, Feb. 6, Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder hopped on stage to cover The Who’s “My Generation” with an entire crew of “Saturday Night Live” alums — including Adam Sandler, Norm Macdonald, David Spade, and Rob Schneider.

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In the beginning, Sandler can’t seem to get the right musical cue, and Macdonald can be heard joking, “I’m the only one who can actually sing,” before Vedder appears to save the day. After performing the classic rock hit with his funny friends, the Pearl Jam front man didn’t stick around on stage, joining the audience as Sandler, Schneider, and Macdonald continued to perform.

The comedic trio’s musical tour continues on with their next stop in Denver, Co., on Feb. 11, in which Spade is also scheduled to join. On Feb. 12th, another “SNL” alum, Tim Meadows, will join the show in Phoenix, AZ. The tour finishes up with a 2-night stand in Las Vegas, Feb. 13th and 14th.

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