July 9th will be a dark, dark day for Broadway, as three original “Hamilton”cast members will be leaving the show.

Sunday afternoon (June 19) Leslie Odom Jr. — who recently won a Tony for Best Actor in a Musical for his role as Aaron Burr, sir, in “Hamilton” — announced that he will be leaving the show on the same date that show-creator Lin-Manuel Miranda and lead actress Phillipa Soo are set to depart.

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This exit brings the total departing cast members up to four, when you take into account that Jonathan Groff left the show back in April.

While Miranda has assured fans that he’ll be back eventually (insert King George-like giggling here), Odom Jr. and Soo have made no such promises.

In the above Facebook Live video, Odom Jr., thanked a few people he didn’t get to mention on stage at the Tony’s, and then he segued into the sad announcement that he’d be passing on the role to a new Aaron Burr come July. He does say that he’d love to be back for whatever movie opportunities “Hamilton” creates, but no such project has been announced yet.

The idea of a “Hamilton” movie is exciting, but if one were in the works, it’s debatable whether audiences would see it before the decade is out.

With Lin-Manuel Miranda tangled up in Disney films and other musical adaptations for the next few years, it’s unclear whether his schedule would allow him — or other similarly engaged actors — to film a “Hamilton” movie any time soon.

On top of that bleak outlook, we’re not sure the producers of the hit-musical will be willing to part with the rights any time soon, especially considering how “Hamilton” tickets are still selling out at exorbitant prices. As long as it’s still raking in the money on Broadway, the show will likely stay there.

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You do have one last opportunity to catch the show with the original Eliza, Hamilton and Burr, however, since Lin-Manuel Miranda has announced a one-time special lottery for the July 9th final performance. With one donation to The Hispanic Federation, you can send in anywhere between 100 to 20,000 entries to win these coveted “Hamilton” tickets.

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