When Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott recently released their single “Not Afraid,” fans of the “Ghostbusters” films were excited to see a cool new music video and hear a catchy new song. Unfortunately, public opinion seemed to be that fans got neither.

Now, an unlikely source is showing Pete Wentz and his crew how things should be done. It’s a funny foursome of Japanese comedians — and although we’re not sure what exactly they’re saying, we do know that they’re doing things right.

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Seemingly tied to the Japanese release of the Kristen Wiig/Melissa McCarthy reboot, comedians Tomochika, Oniyakko Tsubaki, Naomi Watanabe and Shizuyo Yamasaki spend the video dressed up in jumpsuits and proton packs, interacting with cheesy ’80s neon evocative of Ray Parker Jr.’s original 1984 “Ghostbusters” video.

First off, the fact that there even is a video is manna for the fans. But beyond that, the remix presented here is far catchier than anything Fall Out Boy was able to assemble for the film’s U.S. release. Check it out and see if you agree.

“Ghostbusters” hits theaters everywhere July 14; we can only hope that this song at the very least plays over the end credits.

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