In April 2015, Josh Groban released “Stages,” an album covering classic Broadway songs. One of Groban’s duet partners was Kelly Clarkson, who joined him for a live rendition of their cover of “All I Ask” from “Phantom of the Opera.” The performance is a part of Groban’s “Stages Live,” which will be broadcast on PBS.

Other clips from “Stages Live,” like Groban’s performance of “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” from “Carousel,” are available on PBS’ YouTube page. Clearly, Groban is a big Broadway fan, as he included songs from “Sunday in the Park with George,” “Chess,” and “The Fantastiks” in “Stages” — deep cuts that only the biggest theater geeks will know inside and out.

The live audience gives Clarkson a standing ovation as she walks onstage to join Groban for the performance of “All I Ask,” a heartfelt ballad between main character Christine and her love interest, Raoul, as they pledge their love for one another.

In the intro to the performance, Groban takes the chance to compliment Clarkson’s abilities. “I knew this duet had to be recorded in a very, very special way and it had to be recorded with a very special singer,” he explains.

“She is one of the most versatile singers that I’ve ever heard,” he says of Clarkson.

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Both singers take the chance to adorably gush over their love of “Phantom of the Opera,” which dates back to their childhood. “This is the very first musical that I ever saw live as a kid,” Clarkson says. “I was like, ‘I will be Christine!'” And now, thanks to Groban — she is.

“Stages Live” will air on PBS beginning on Nov. 28, 2015.

Posted by:Kayla Hawkins