Justin Bieber just can't stay out of James Corden's car!

In Wednesday night's (Nov. 18) episode of "The Late Late Show," the pop star returned for another entertaining round of "Carpool Karaoke." With his newest album "Purpose" finally available to the public, Bieber and Corden took a ride around town and revisited some classic Bieber tunes along the way.

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The topic of fashion soon hits and a detour is taken so the two can go shopping at one of the pop singer's favorite clothing stores. What starts as an outing for Corden to get a sleeker look by Bieber, soon turns into an event where the men design each other's looks. How did it go? In a word: Swag.


Back in the car, Corden throws some classic Alanis Morissette on the stereo. It was only last week that the host was joined by the singer to deliver an updated version of her classic tune, "Ironic." Here, however, the boys kick it old school with the lyrics as they share a touching moment to what Bieber refers to as his "shower song."


Of course, when discussing Justin Bieber in recent days, the topic of "the full Bieber" still comes up in conversation. But while Corden does bring up the incident, he admits that if he was as "blessed" as the pop singer allegedly is, he'd have a hard time keeping his clothes on in public.

"Purpose" is Justin Bieber's fourth studio album and is now available for your ears to enjoy.

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