You’re going to cry when you watch this organ donation PSA, and it’s not just because the song from “Up” is in it. You’ve been warned.

Argentina’s liver transplant foundation released a video promoting organ donations and, to make its point, it told a heartbreaking story about an elderly man and his beautifully loyal dog.

The video, which is aptly titled “The Man and the Dog,” follows the furry companion as he goes on endless daily adventures with his best human friend. The pair obviously love each other, so when the man has what appears to be a stroke and is sent to the hospital, the pup waits outside the ER for his owner.

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However, his owner never comes out. In his place, a woman, who was presumably saved because of a transplant, is pushed out in a wheelchair and is instantly greeted by the dog. Running right up to her like an old friend, the dog seems to sense that his owner’s spirit is still alive in the woman.

Add on the fact that a slowed-down rendition of the theme song from “Up” is playing the entire time, and it’s almost guaranteed that anyone who watches this video will need to grab a tissue.
Posted by:Casey Rackham