Rihanna and Drake — are they the new Beyonce and Jay Z? Because the chemistry in their new music video “Work” is pretty steamy hot. So hot in fact that the duo released not one, but two videos for the same song.

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The first video that plays was shot by Director X, which features a serious reggae dance party filled with guests twerking and working the floor. As Rihanna dances her way up on Drake, it becomes clear why everyone on Twitter is wondering if the two are a couple in life real, and if they aren’t, why not?


The second video, directed by Tim Erem, only further pushes the “are they” or “aren’t they” speculative questions, for now it’s just the two of them in a neon-lit room, singing, rapping, dancing and looking at one another like they just want to tear each other’s clothes off.

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