Another week, another Carpool Karaoke. On Monday (June 20), James Corden brought another edition of his popular musical road segment to "The Late Late Show" and this time, Selena Gomez joined him. Kicking off the journey with her hit "Same Old Love," the two soon took an unexpected detour: Six Flags Magic Mountain.

It's a fun little vacation from the car-centric bit, and upon close inspection of the roller coaster ride the two take, things begin feeling a lot like National Lampoon's "Vacation." The classic 1983 comedy, starring Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo and Anthony Michael Hall, found themselves at Wally World during the film's climax. Not only was Six Flags used to depict the fictional amusement park, but the above roller coaster segment felt very reminiscent of the fun scene featuring Rusty and security guard Lasky (John Candy).

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Not breaking from the musical theme at all, Gomez continues singing "Come & Get It" while zooming through the dips and turns of the ride. Once they returned to the car, the 23-year-old singer joined Corden in a ginger shot -- something she does every morning -- and if the "Late Late Show" host was not feeling queasy before, it's looking like this tiny bottle may have put him over the edge.

From "Hands To Myself" to "Kill Em With Kindness," the two soon stopped through a McDonald's drive thru where they not only surprised some fast food employees, they also demanded cups with some Selena Gomez song lyrics on them. The text on the cups were a nice segue into another track: "Love You Like A Love Song."

Skirting the issue long enough, Corden finally brought up the hot button topic of Taylor Swift and her elusive squad. “I’d like to think of myself as the OG, the original,” Selena tells Corden. While it feels like there may never be a male member added to the famous girl club, Gomez kept things a bit coy, saying, “I don’t know. Find me a boyfriend and then we’ll talk about it!”

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The final song the two visit on this trip is none other than Swift's smash hit, "Shake It Off." After a crazy day filled with roller coaster rides and ginger shots, we're assuming that's exactly what James Corden did.

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