Jimmy Fallon chose his words wisely when introducing Jennifer Lopez and man-of-the-moment Lin-Manuel Miranda on Tuesday (July 12). The two "entertainment powerhouses" recently teamed up on a musical tribute to the victims of the recent Orlando shooting. Needless to say, it may sound like an odd duo, but when J-Lo and Miranda take the stage, everything makes perfect sense.

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Performing their new track, "Love Make the World Go Round," which samples Miranda's emotional acceptance speech at the 2016 Tonys, it's hard not to see the real meaning behind the words. While the two stars appeared in drastically different styles of dress -- seriously, how can Lin-Manuel compete with J-Lo's epic gown anyway? -- the performers were definitely on the same page with the song.

Proceeds from every iTunes download going to the Hispanic Federation's Proyecto Somos Orlando initiative, which makes the track all the more impactful. With themes of family, culture, unity and religion in the piece, it's hard not to join in and feel the music as Miranda and Lopez sing.

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