Kelly Clarkson has been famously covering some classic songs on her current tour, but her latest might just be the most iconic yet. Clarkson took to the stage in Minneapolis, Minn. Monday (Aug. 4) where she completely slays Prince’s 1984 ballad “Purple Rain.”

After rocking the song and putting her own take on it, the “American Idol” winner admits her nerves almost got the best of her. “I literally was about to pee on myself that whole time,” Clarkson admits. “I was like ‘Oh God, don’t screw it up too much.'”

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“I love that song. I was just very nervous about covering it. He’s one of the greats,” she tells the crowd. “Nobody beats his Superbowl for me. That was super great.”

“Purple Rain” is just the most recent fan request cover Clarkson has tackled during the tour. Other songs she has dominated include N’Sync’s “Bye Bye Bye” and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space,” which she even got Swift’s praise for.

Posted by:Sarah Huggins