max braverman caroline forbes rachel berry 10 Spoilers: A 'Parenthood' surprise, 'Vampire Diaries' does holiday cheer, and a new 'Glee' guy is introducedSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart includes a new “Hart of Dixie” attraction, illegal drugs on “Happy Endings,” a new character on “Glee,” and much, much more.

“Hart of Dixie”: George may be Bluebell’s most respected lawyer, but what he really wants to do is direct. Okay, not really — but he is roped into directing a tourism advertisement for their small-town charm after a neighboring town gets a bit competitive. While shooting the video, some unexpected chemistry sparks up between Lavon and AnnaBeth. Also, there is a lot of pie.

“Sons of Anarchy”: Donal Logue makes his first appearance in Tuesday’s episode, and while we know he plays a former U.S. marshal with a violent streak, we haven’t heard till now who he’s targeting. We’re not going to say outright, but: if we were a member of the Teller family, we’d be watching our back.

“Parenthood”: There may be a new addition to the Braverman family on the way. In episode 413, we’ll learn that someone is pregnant — and it comes at such an inopportune time that the couple in question will consider terminating the pregnancy. Meanwhile, it’s time for Max to have the puberty talk. While Kristina and Adam have a particularly difficult time approaching the subject, Zeek and Camille are more open and casual about the conversation.

“Justified”: In Season 4, we’ll meet Jackie Nevada, a sexy, cool grad student who develops a powerful crush on Raylan. She’s a bit of a spitfire, and grew up around mostly male influences, so she fits right playing cards with the guys. In the same episode, an adult filmmaker named Kenneth helps Jody, the murderer that Raylan is after, to dodge our boy. We discover that Kenneth and Jody were schoolmates back in the day, but Kenneth quickly grows wary of Jody, particularly given his drug use.

“The Vampire Diaries”: It’s (almost) Christmas time in Mystic Falls! Though the holiday won’t actually be mentioned because of the show’s wacky timeline (is it still 2010 in Mystic Falls?), we will see a winter wonderland themed episode just before the holiday hiatus, and it’ll be merry and jolly and all those good things. “It’s really, really beautiful,” Candice Accola tells us. “The set was absolutely gorgeous, and it’s a crazy, crazy episode. It’s huge and there are tons of things going on. And everything goes right, and perfect, and wonderful, and there are no problems, and everyone just happily drinks cocoa at the end of the episode.” (This just in: Candice Accola is a dirty liar.)

“Happy Endings”: Drugs are bad, kids. In an upcoming episode titled “In The Heat of the Noche”, Penny and Max will become addicted to a sleep-aid called NocheQuil. (Um, if the writers don’t run into legal problems with that name.) The only problem is… NocheQuil is not legal in the United States. In the same episode, Brad will become obsessed with Chuckles & Huggs, a Chuck E. Cheese-like kids’ gym that’s on the verge of going under.

“Nikita”: Episode 312 takes on some heavy subject matter when we meet Saalim, a Yemeni man. When the U.S. sends troops and drones to the Middle East in the war on terror, innocents become collateral damage as we strike against our targets. Saalim, who lost a child to a stray bullet in a raid from U.S. forces, is determined to avenge his son’s life, and his desire to make Americans feel the fear and uncertainty he’s experienced makes him easily manipulated toward terrorism. And who better to take him under her wing, to school and encourage his violent nature, than Amanda?

“Once Upon a Time”: In episode 13, we’re going to meet Helena, a well-bred lady of the courts who is also a fearless hunter. Here’s her official character description — any guesses as to her fairy-tale identity? “Female, late 20s to early – mid 30s, brunette. A confident, well-bred
lady, Helena knows her way around kings and courts. She can sweet-talk
with the best of them and can wrap any man around her finger. But Helena
is also a fierce warrior, and takes immense pride in the deadly
creatures she has fought and slain. A sophisticated lady who loves
adventure — this highborn hunter will stop at nothing to get her
quarry, even if she has to get her hands dirty.”

“Glee”: The show is introducing a new recurring character! Paul is 24 years old and described as “handsome, charming, and extremely confident.” This has love interest written all over it — but for who? He’ll first appear in episode 411, and producers are currently casting the role. Weigh in below in our comments section with your dream casting, Gleeks! For the same episode, they’re casting a young male with Down’s Syndrome and a slew of highly trained ballerinas.

“Emily Owens, M.D.”: Micah’s mother is suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer… and they haven’t told his little sister. In episode 112, we’ll meet Lauren, his 24-year-old sister who had a seriously wild streak but has gotten herself together and gone back to college. Suffice to say that when Lauren finds out how far Joyce’s cancer has gone without anyone telling her her mother was sick, she won’t be pleased… and when Joyce refuses a new experimental treatment, Lauren will do something drastic to give Joyce reason to fight.

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