joseph morgan charlie sheen kerry washington 10 Spoilers: A 'Vampire Diaries' cliffhanger   a James Van Der Beek kiss in 'Apartment 23'   and moreSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home. This week, our Monday Kickstart includes scoop on a “Client List” love interest, an “Awkward” dance floor grope-fest, and Charlie Sheen’s highly anticipated return as… Charlie.

“The Vampire Diaries”: This fandom is already pretty divided, but Joseph Morgan tells us that after the season finale, even more lines will be drawn in the sand. “The last twenty seconds of the episode will leave people with their hearts in their mouths,” he tells us. How’s that for a turn of phrase? “You’re going to be desperately wishing to fast forward and be on to the first episode of Season 4, because it’s hugely dramatic. There’s a lot of shock value, and it’s going to change the world of ‘The Vampire Diaries’ forever. You should be scared! I think not everyone’s going to like it; it’s going to provoke some strong opinions. It’s really going to get people talking, and that’s what we want.”

“Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”:
In an upcoming episode, “Dawson’s Creek” fangirl June gets her greatest dream when she makes out with James Van Der Beek at a “fancy New York wedding” while Kevin Sorbo watches. (Well, we’re guessing Kevin Sorbo wasn’t exactly part of her dream.)

“Awkward”: Get excited! Barret Swatek is returning as Jenna’s insane “Aunt” Ally.

“The Big Bang Theory”: In the words of executive producer Bill Prady, “The finale contains some very exciting events. Some of which were anticipated, some of which were unanticipated. Some anticipated events are occurring in an unanticipated way, and some anticipated events are not occurring.” We’ll let you guys decipher that one on your own.

“The Client List”: Producers are currently casting Luke, a 20-something yoga instructor type who Riley used to babysit back when he was better known as “Lukey.” Luke books a massage session with Riley to catch up, but she’s in for a surprise when he gets her on the table. (No, not like that, pervs.) Expect him to cause a significant shift in someone’s love life, though.

“Anger Management”: Details about Charlie Sheen’s new project are few and far between, but we’ll tell you this: Charlie’s character’s name is Charlie — again. He’s doing the whole no-strings-attached, casual sex thing with his therapist. It blows up in his face when he dares to ask her to a movie.

“Hart of Dixie”: Lavon and Lemon’s secret is not safe in Bluebell! Their secret affair will be revealed sooner rather than later, and it’s got some serious fall-out for Lavon.  “You won’t necessarily see political ramifications, but personally, it makes his life very messy,” Cress Williams tells us. As for the wedding that’s coming up in the finale, fans can expect some big twists. “I can tell you that in the wedding, multiple wedding dresses are worn,” he teases. “I’ll just say that.”

Expect Olivia’s loyalty (and moral compass) to be tested when she’s asked to step in and help her friend’s son, who has been accused of rape. The entitled, frat-boy-with-a-trust-fund-type kid is played by Michael Cassidy (best known as waterpolo-player-with-a-soul Zach from “The O.C.”).

“Mike & Molly”: Another finale wedding? Of course. “A wedding does happen,” Rondi Reed says. It’s wonderful, it’s fabulous, and somebody from Peggy’s past comes back.”

“Pretty Little Liars”: Just when you thought you’d seen the worst of Allison DiLaurentis, she finds a new way to mess with the liars from beyond the grave. Sasha Pieterse tells us that she gets to do some very new things with the character in early Season 3 episodes. “It’s really fun stuff, I’m very excited,” she teases. “Allison likes to manipulate everyone. There’s something the fans don’t know about a certain situation that ties back to Allison, and the way it all ties together is kind of crazy.”

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