patrick adams nina dobrev adam scott 10 Spoilers: A 'Vampire Diaries' frat party, 'Parks and Rec' meets the parents, and moreWe hope you had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! Now that it’s time to get back to work,  Zap2it has 10 TV teasers to get your week started off right. Remember, it’s a short week and your DVR is waiting for you.

This week, our Kickstart includes scoop on a spooky “Vampire Diaries” party, a tense “Suits” moment, and some serious “Sons of Anarchy” vengeance.

“The Vampire Diaries”: Though we won’t see the Mystic Falls gang celebrate Halloween this year, we’ll definitely get into the spooky spirit of the holiday. Damon, Elena, and Bonnie will visit the nearby college where Bonnie’s Grams used to teach — and, yes, where Aunt Jenna was working on her degree. While on campus, they all get invited to a fraternity’s annual “Murder House” party, where revelers dress up as their favorite murder victim or murderer. (The Ripper of Monterey, anyone?)

“Parks & Recreation”: The sixth episode of the season is titled “Ben’s Parents.” Yes, we’ll meet Ben’s dad, Steve, and his mom, Julia, as Leslie bends over backwards to make a good impression. The reunion goes a little sour when Julia meets Steve’s much, much younger Hawaiian girlfriend. Her name, Ulani, means “cheerful.” She isn’t.

“Suits”: The rumors are true — Rachel’s big-shot attorney dad, Robert Zane, will come into the picture when Season 2 returns. He sort of ruins her birthday when he not-so-gently suggests that she’s not smart enough to be a lawyer, and later, when he’s at Pearson Hardman for a deposition, things get so tense that Mike has to intervene. Rachel isn’t particularly thrilled about Mike stepping in to save her from her dad, though.

“How I Met Your Mother”: Barney is getting a dog… sort of. Let’s just say it doesn’t end well.

“Happy Endings”: If last year was the Year of Penny, this year is… not. She starts the season off in a body cast, and by episode 5, she’s trying to hide her concussion helmet from a new love interest. Yes, we said concussion helmet. In the same episode, we’ll flash back to 1992 and see one of Max’s many childhood traumas.

“NCIS”: In a two-episode arc, we’ll meet the Westcotts, a family of marines who try to console their son when one of his fellow soldiers — his best friend — is taken from him by an unknown threat. The arc will explore the PTSD many soldiers experience when returning from combat.

“Psych”: Producers are looking for a Paul Giamatti-type to play Leo Quinn in the Season 7 finale. Quinn, who was poisoned, has just been told he’s got 48 hours to live — and he wants to spend that 48 hours enjoying his final hours. Naturally, he wants to eat from a food truck, smoke a cigar, spend a little time relaxing on the beach… and, oh yeah, find his murderer before he dies.

“Parenthood”: When Crosby finds out that Adam and Kristina schedule sex — it’s in his calendar as “Funkytown” — he scoffs at the idea… but Jasmine thinks a schedule could do Crosby some good. Meanwhile, Sarah has trouble getting her new boss, Hank (Ray Romano) to warm up to her, but he makes a surprisingly genuine connection with another member of the family.

“Covert Affairs”: Admit it — the second you saw Sarah Clarke, aka evil Nina from “24,” walk into Annie’s life you knew she was shady. Over the next two episodes, you’ll find out just how shady Lena is. Actually, “shady” doesn’t begin to cover it — try “homicidal.” Also, if you saw the “House” series finale, you might have some flashbacks when you see Anne Dudek again on Sept. 11.

“Sons of Anarchy”: The Season 5 premiere comes out swinging, with Damon Pope quickly exacting his revenge for his daughter’s death. Violence has become so commonplace on “SOA” that we hardly notice it anymore — but this one left our mouths agape. We can’t say any more because it’s too good (bad?) of a surprise to ruin.

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