awkward jenna batb cat new girl jess 10 Spoilers: 'Awkward' Season 3 scoop plus 'Beauty and the Beast' nudity and 'New Girl's' Nick and JessSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

For this week’s Monday Kickstart, we’ve got “Vampire Diaries” scoop, a new (nude) guy on “Beauty and the Beast,” and tons and tons of comedy goodness.

“The Vampire Diaries”: Did you catch Creepy Hot Professor Shane’s little comment to Hayley about possibly seeing her (very dead) parents again? That may have sounded like the sort of thing people say to assuage grief, but Shane meant it a little more literally. Turns out, someone important to him has passed away, too… and he’s pretty dead-set on reversing that, uh, condition.

“New Girl”: True American is back! In episode 215, they’re changing up the game and playing by “The Clinton Rules.” (It’s exactly the same as regular True American. But with stripping.) In the episode, expect Nick and Jess to address their relationship a little more directly than we’ve seen them do in the past. She may or may not call him “smokin’ hot.” Sort of.

“Awkward”: Just when we thought Jenna’s love triangle woes were over… she’s got a new love interest coming into the picture! Get ready to meet Collin, a classmate of Jenna’s who she somehow bonds with despite calling him pretentious. It seems Jenna and Matty may be in a bit of a rut, and Collin and his girlfriend can relate. Uh oh.

“Cougar Town”: Travis is getting a new girlfriend in Season 4 — although you might not want to get too attached. Trav makes the rookie mistake of bringing his date over to Jules and Grayson’s house for family night, and, well, yeah.

“How I Met Your Mother”: Who are the Three Hackmigos? That question will be answered in the hour-long Dec. 17 episode, which features a guest appearance by Alyson Hannigan’s former “Buffy” beloved Seth Green. Seth’s character is a friend of Marshall and Lily’s from college who is maybe holding onto the past a little too tightly.

“The Mindy Project”: Mindy hosts the office Christmas party at her apartment to introduce Josh to her colleagues. But when a relationship-related crisis breaks out, it’s Danny who comes to Mindy’s rescue. They’ll even make one of those “if we’re both single in five years” pacts. Just… not quite the way you’d expect them to. (Also, look out for a fun little line that references Kelly and Erin’s friendship on “The Office,” when Ellie Kemper guest stars.)

“Hart of Dixie”: Lemon just when needs a date to a very important event, she randomly bumps into an old pal she hasn’t seen since… second grade. Naturally, she asks him out for coffee, and if he’s got a tux available. Dale, who makes his own orange soda for fun, was the kind of kid who eats paste. He may also be the kind of adult who eats paste. And who spies on Lemon through her window.

“The Bachelor”: Everyone expects tears from the women Sean Lowe doesn’t give roses to during his quest for love, but one would assume it’s because they won’t be marrying Sean, right? Well, one of the seven rejected women on the Jan. 7 premiere cries because of all the dudes who presumably won’t want to date her now that she’s been on the show. In her words, “Who would want to date the crazy girl that [spoiler redacted!] for Sean and then got kicked off the Bachelor the first week?”

“Happy Endings”: Don’t get alarmed, but in an upcoming episode, Alex becomes smarter. She even reads a newspaper! It’s so unlike her that when Jane realizes what’s happening she quips, “It’s like we’re in an alternate 1985, where Biff is in charge!” But is Jane really as surprised as she appears to be? No. Because Jane has a secret.

“Beauty and the Beast”: A new ADA is coming into the picture soon! We’ll first meet Assistant District Attorney Gabriel Lowen in episode 13, and he will be naked. Yes, you read that right — the first time Cat encounters the new ADA, he is stark naked… in the women’s locker room. He’s very handsome, but behind the good looks we’ll find a lot of suspicion. He believes people connected to the police department are covering for someone (like, maybe, a beast?) and he’s determined to get to the bottom of it.

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