leighton gossip girl dianna glee being human 10 Spoilers: 'Being Human' Season 3 romance scoop plus 'Glee' looks for a new QuinnSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart includes scoop a new “Glee” character headed to McKinley High — who reminds us an awful lot of an old character on her way out of McKinley High. We’ve  also got news on a mysterious new man who will shake up “Gossip Girl’s” final season, a “sexual humiliation” on “Sons of Anarchy,” and a new “Being Human” love interest.


As previously reported, “Supernatural’s” Mark Pellegrino is guest starring as a “coyoti” creature — and an old friend of Hank’s. What you didn’t know is that he’s not the one who comes to Hank for help in this episode… his estranged wife, Lisa does. Looks like Pellegrino’s character has taken to drinking big-time after witnessing a disturbing event, and even after their daughter has gone missing, he can’t get his act together.

While Jimmy tries to maneuver Estefania’s drug lord dad and his cronies, and Frank gets caught up with drug smugglers at the border, Lip is engaged in a war of his own — and no, we’re not talking about his arraignment, though we will see that in Season 3 premiere. We’re referring to a good old fashioned robot war. Lip goes into nerd-on-nerd battle with Goff, a geeky college student.

“Baby Daddy”:
While Emma is now the No. 1 girl in Ben’s life, that doesn’t stop the single dad from dating. Guess where he finds his latest paramour? The doctor’s office — Ben starts dating Emma’s nurse.

“Once Upon a Time”:
We can’t wait to meet Anastasia, a seriously spoiled and polished princess born into a life of wealth and privilege — who, though she seems pretty chilly, is willing to sacrifice just about anything for love. Anyone got a frog that needs kissing?

“Being Human”: Aiden’s getting a new love interest when Kat, a close friend of Nora’s, shows up during a distressing time for Nora. Kat is a history scholar who is particularly impressed by Aiden’s knowledge of the War of 1812 and the Hartford Convention… if not by his plumbing skills. They connect again at the hospital, and when she finds out that he’s not only a history nerd but also a medical professional, she begins to wonder what flaws he’s hiding. Hmmm.

“Gossip Girl”: Just because Prince Louis is out of the picture doesn’t mean Blair can avoid Frenchmen forever. Producers are looking for a fluent French actor (with an accent, obviously) to play the recurring role of Jean-Pierre in Season 6. He’s a “handsome international businessman” with some ties to her royal ex.

“Glee”: Seeking Quinn 2.0! Dianna Agron’s character has graduated from McKinley, but it wouldn’t be a high school show without a blonde cheerleader type. Ryan Murphy is currently casting for a 16-year-old “beautiful, bitchy” blonde — with some serious moves. Only expert dancers need apply for the major recurring role, which could turn into a series regular deal.

“Sons of Anarchy”: In an upcoming episode, we’ll meet Allen, an ultra-conservative businessman who supports Christian activist groups… but when he gets on the “wrong side of the wrong people,” he is subjected to a “memorable sexual humiliation” in his office — just in time for his rebellious stepson to drop by with a camera phone. Awkward.

“Jane By Design”: While Teri Hatcher is causing trouble for Jane and Ben as their estranged mother, there are plenty of other guest stars scheduled to drop by during the second half of Season 1. “I think we’ve got some other good cameos that people in the fashion world will be excited about,” says star David Clayton Rogers, who says he finds out who’s stopping by when he reads their names on the day’s call sheet. Unfortunately, he doesn’t actually get a chance to interact with them since they’re a part of Jane’s fashion world. “I never really get to cross paths with those.”

“True Blood”: Sookie isn’t exactly Miss Popularity in Bon Temps these days — you know, turning her bestie into a vampire, killing a werewolf and breaking both Eric’s and Bill’s non-beating hearts — but one person isn’t giving her the kiss-off. Quite the opposite! Have the stars (or is it the moon?) finally aligned for a fan-favorite couple?

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