dylan obrien colton haynes jared padalecki 10 Spoilers: Colton Haynes heads to 'Arrow,' 'Supernatural' trials get bloody, plus 'Teen Wolf' and moreSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart
includes some fun scoop from Willa Holland on her character’s new “Arrow” love interest, dish from the “Supernatural” set, plus Dylan O’Brien’s idea for a Tumblr-friendly fan shout-out on “Teen Wolf.”

“Supernatural”: In this week’s episode, Sam and Dean learn that in order to rid the world of demons forever, one of them will have to complete several trials from God, starting with killing a hell hound. Yes — only one of them can complete the trials, and the one that does is in for a world of suffering. When we stopped by the set this week, Jared Padalecki told us that the chosen Winchester will begin to experience nosebleeds and symptoms similar to Tuberculosis… and, as is the Winchester way, he’ll try to keep it from his brother. “Try” being the operative word.

How do you solve a shooting when there is no bullet in either of the
two victims? Disappearing bullets are part of the problem that the team
faces while trying to find the shooter who nearly takes out Brennan in
“The Shot in the Dark.” (And before you say, “ice bullet,” just know
it’s much more complicated than that!)

“The Following”: The much-hyped serial killer threesome with Jacob, Paul, and Emma happens in tonight’s episode. It’s not exactly the steamy scene you may have imagined, since it takes place in the shower while one person is fully clothed and the other two are washing off mud and blood. Next week’s episode, though, begins with the three of them in bed together, so you can assume that things went further. Elsewhere in casa de murder, Joey finally gets his hands on a phone… just as Claire is about to lose her cool.

“Arrow”: “Teen Wolf” star Colton Haynes makes his debut as Roy Harper next week. In the comic books, Roy struggles with major issues like HIV and addiction — but so far, Haynes’ version of the character doesn’t go quite so dark. Roy is from the Glades, the shadiest part of Starling City, and he meets Thea when he steals her purse. She chases him down in more ways than one! Despite his less-than-gentlemanly introduction, Willa Holland tells us that it’s Thea who actually ends up pursuing Roy romantically, not the other way around. In upcoming episodes, the Glades become very important, and Roy serves as a key figure in that world.

“Teen Wolf”: With all that’s going on with the new Alphas in Beacon Hills, fan faves Stiles and Derek don’t interact much in the first half of the season, but Dylan O’Brien has some ideas about how their first meeting of the year should go. “There aren’t any Stereky scenes so far,” O’Brien tells us, “But I had an idea for Jeff, that when we do finally meet, and if we have a scene that’s very expositional — like if we come together and something’s going on we have to converge and discuss something — then we should kind of stop at the end of it and before we walk away, Stiles should just say, ‘I missed you.’ Just to acknowledge it for the fans in little, funny ways.”

“Girls”: This week’s all-Hannah-all-the-time episode wasn’t our favorite, but next week’s episode returns to our regularly scheduled beloved programming. In the episode, Booth Jonathan asks Marnie to host a party at his place — but while she thinks they’re hosting as a couple, he thinks he’s paying her for her services. The best part of the episode is a poignant, restrained, brilliantly written phone call between Hannah and Marnie. We also love that Adam and Ray join forces — they make a surprisingly hilarious team.

: Valentine’s Day does not bring the best for Dallas, who has a cosmetic procedure that leaves her looking less than her best in Wednesday’s episode. You absolutely have to tune in to hear Dalia’s reaction to her mom’s condition — we can’t replicate it hear, but it involves alligators, the Elephant Man and a baby.

: Tuesday’s episode sheds a lot of new light on Boyd’s new right-hand man, Colton Rhodes, and it’s a pretty harsh light. He’s still searching for Ellen May — and getting ever more desperate in the process — and we’ll also discover that he’s got a bad habit that could make his word for Boyd even more hazardous.

“The Carrie Diaries”: In next week’s episode, Sebastian and
George meet for the first time at the winter formal — and it’s about as
awkward as you might expect. In fact, when Carrie asks George to leave
the dance early with her, it’s mostly to escape Sebastian’s ever-present
stare, but George gets the wrong idea. George is surprised to learn
that she’s a virgin — and he even likes it. But not in a cool,
respectful way. At all.

“Nashville”: Looks like Scarlett may be getting a new love interest! A super hunky rodeo cowboy type is moving in to the apartment above hers — and he’s a musician. “Nashville” producers are looking for a guy who can sing current country tunes in the vein of Jason Aldean and Kenny Chesney — and for this role, the guy has to have a certain swagger. He’s a player in the worst sense of the word.

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