vampire diaries teen wolf the following 10 Spoilers: Derek's new 'Teen Wolf' digs, a 'Vampire Diaries' exit, and killer shenanigans on 'The Following'Since Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart
includes details on Derek’s new place on “Teen Wolf,” plus a “Vampire Diaries” goodbye (and a hello!) and some soon-to-be-revealed secrets on “The Following.”

When Juliette hired Deacon for her band, you could tell she thought it was to help a friend while simultaneously irritating Rayna. But there will be an unexpected side effect: Deacon is old-school country and he gets Juliette to start questioning her glitzy, effects-filled performances. After all, Johnny Cash “only needed three people” to put on a good show.

Season 4 of Community means the start of the group’s senior year. And Abed isn’t coping too well with the possibility of change. Mostly, however, he keeps his fears to himself. When Troy asks, he learns that Abed is either “F-I-N-E” or “F-Y-N-E” — one of them being code for “not fine.”

“Psych”: Let’s just say that Shawn, with all his issues about mortality and abandonment, does not handle Henry’s shooting that well. And he’s out for revenge against Jerry Carp, going all “Lethal Weapon” on the case, much to Juliet’s consternation. But he finds some allies in a couple unlikely characters.

“Teen Wolf”: This week, we got to check out Derek’s new bachelor pad! In
the four months that pass between Season 2 and Season 3, Derek gets
himself a big, spacious loft, complete with actual furniture, a spiral
staircase, and a bed… which fans can expect to be put to very good use
this season. Executive producer Jeff Davis tells us that originally, the set design included more furniture, but he asked that it be minimized, because Derek isn’t exactly the sort of guy who is into interior decor. “Most of this stuff, he probably found in the trash,” Davis jokes. In addition to the new digs, Derek has a new look. Tyler
Hoechlin revealed that his character’s scary wolf teeth got a redesign
over the hiatus.

“The Vampire Diaries”: This week, we said goodbye to Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) — and despite a definite theme of resurrection this season, we’re hearing that that’s the very last we’ll see of him in the present day. More bad news? Kol isn’t the only character we’re going to say goodbye to before the next hiatus. Okay, okay, so we have some good news for fans, too: Stefan’s BFF Lexi will appear in another flashback episode this season. And more Lexi is always a good thing.

“Hart of Dixie”: Shakespeare and love might not actually mix well. When Dash DeWitt casts George and Zoe as Romeo and Juliet in the Bluebell production, Tansy gets a little sensitive about the pairing. While the theatrics are awkward for them, though, Lavon is the one who goes to extreme lengths to skip the drama. Meanwhile, Lemon and Wade run into some legal trouble at the Rammer Jammer when they make a new hire.

“Girls”: Last season, there was an episode that featured Lena Dunham’s character, Hannah, and none of the other three girls. This season, there’s another. This week’s episode focuses exclusively on Hannah’s extended one night stand with Patrick Wilson’s character, a (sort of) married doctor. It’s an extremely uncomfortable episode, even by “Girls” standards. Hannah fainting in his shower isn’t even close to her lowest point in the episode.

“New Girl”: Next week’s episode deals with the fall-out from Nick and Jess’s heart-stopping, epic kiss. Let’s just say that neither of them handles the consequences very well, but Winston’s reaction might be the best — after he finds out about the smooch, he punches Nick in the, uh, genitalia. Fans can also look forward to a very endearing gesture from Schmidt to Cece.

“Scandal”: This week’s episode is the one we’ve been waiting for, when this season’s story lines — from the assassination attempt to the rigged election — come to a breathtaking climax. Oddly enough, the death in the episode actually serves to bring Fitz and Mellie closer together. Yes, Mellie.

“The Following”: This probably won’t surprise the more astute viewers, but in tonight’s new episode, we’ll see a flashback that reveals that during the years Jacob and Paul were “pretending” to be a gay couple, their feelings for each other weren’t entirely make-believe. What will surprise you? That’s not the biggest secret that Jacob has been keeping from Emma. Not by a long shot.

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