jared padalecki anna torv michael trevino 10 Spoilers: 'Fringe' season premiere scoop, 'Supernatural' scares, and a new 'Vampire Diaries' seductressSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

For this week’s Monday Kickstart,
get more “Supernatural” goodness, plus news on what you will (and won’t!) see in the season premiere of “Fringe.” New characters are coming to “The Vampire Diaries” and “Once Upon a Time,” plus, we’ve got scoop on the final season of “The Closer.”

“Fringe”: In the first episode of Season 5, we will get a chance to see Peter, Olivia, and Henrietta just before the amber tore the family apart. They were as close to a normal family as one might imagine. Another tidbit? Broyles won’t appear in the season premiere.  “They’re going to be establishing more of the world before he shows up in the first couple of episodes,” Lance Reddick tells us, teasing, “I can promise you Broyles will surprise you when he shows up this season.”

“Supernatural”: In Episode 2, “What’s Up Tiger Mommy,” the Winchesters are invited to a very fancy party. (Cross your fingers for tuxes, ladies.) The event is described as “an auction of remarkable, unworldly objets d’art” — and the bidding will get heated as an ancient monster grows increasingly determined to get what he wants.

“The Vampire Diaries”: Rumors are true! A feisty 19-year-old named Hayley is entering the fold in Episode 3, and she may have some history with Tyler. Like most women who arrive in Mystic Falls, she’s “wildly sexy” — but she’s definitely got a tough, intimidating side. Don’t believe all the rumors, though. There’s already been some false info printed about Hayley. She’s got some surprises up her sleeve.

“Parenthood”: In an upcoming episode, Zeke has an unfortunate run-in with the law and Max begins to
fixate on a seemingly trivial change in his routine at school.

Trust the B—- in Apartment 23”
: Could Chloe possibly fall in love?
This Halloween, it might happen when she meets straight-laced film
director Jonathan (and his BFF, Zonk). Things are bound to get
complicated, though — naturally, Chloe likes to celebrate Halloween by
ruining someone’s life, and this year, he’s her target.

“Nikita”: In the second episode of Season 3, Nikita and Division hunt
down former agent Mia. She’s still undercover with a terrorist cult
called the “Third Wave” when the FBI captures her in a raid. When it
turns out that her alliances may have changed, Mia will have a profound
impact on how Nikita feels about Division. 

“The Closer”: Brenda is in for a shock — and we mean a big one — in
the July 30 episode, “Last Rites.” All we feel comfortable saying is
maybe set your DVR for an extra minute. Then, in the second-to-last
episode of the series on Aug. 6, Capt. Raydor finally finds the source
of the leak in the Turrell Baylor case, and it means a big change for
one member of the squad.

“White Collar”: The show is welcoming a
pair of thieves late in Season 4 – Oz and Penny, who are on a “wildly
romantic” crime spree. How will they become entangled with Neal? Well,
Penny is beautiful and well-educated, plus she shares Neal’s passion for
life. Will he come between these two criminal lovebirds?

In typical fashion, it appears as though Frank is running a scam to
send Carl to a kids-with-cancer camp. Awesome. While there, Carl meets
Wendy, a counselor whose attitude isn’t the only thing that’s perky.

Upon a Time”
: Get ready to meet Jack — as in, the one with the
beanstalk. This is a guy who carries some serious emotional damage with
him as he runs from his past in an unimaginably dangerous land. He’s got
some serious swagger, but he always keeps people at an arm’s length.

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