emily deschanel ian somerhalder timothy olyphant 10 Spoilers: 'Justified' Season 4 scoop, 'Bones' seeking Brennan's mom, and Damon's newest 'Vampire Diaries' foeSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart includes dish on a ghostly visit to “Bones,” some Southland Season 5 spoilers, two new “Vampire Diaries” faces, and some “Arrow” scoop on one of Oliver Queen’s fellow castaways.

“Southland”: When the show returns in Season 5, we’ll meet Dave Mendoza,
a cop who Ben befriends on a night out, particularly after Mendoza
covers for Ben after things go south with some strippers. Later, when
Mendoza gets shot at his home, where he lives with his wife and kids,
Ben and the other fellow officers step up to help him out. Things aren’t
quite what they seem, though, and it turns out that Ben and Mendoza
don’t have much in common after all.

“Bones”: Producers are currently looking for the perfect actress to play… Bones’ mother? When Brennan is in an “altered state” in an upcoming episode called “A Shot In the Dark,” she’ll have a vision of her mother, Christine Brennan. There’s painful history between the two women, but a lot of love as well, and before Christine vanishes, she’ll give her daughter some much-needed advice. Oh — did we mention that Brennan is in her “altered state” because she’s being operated on by a trauma surgeon after a gunshot wound? Ouch.

“Scandal”: Speaking of parents, we’ll soon meet President Fitzgerald’s father. Expect him to make his first appearance in episode 211. Like his son, Mr. Fitzgerald — who goes by the name “Big Jerry” — is a powerful, outspoken, funny, and smart politician.

“The Vampire Diaries”: You may have heard that the show is about to introduce Vaughn, a “ruggedly handsome, charming, built, and tough as hell” guy in his late 20s with a super-sexy accent. He’s one of The Five hunters, and he’s very comfortable with his place at the top of the supernatural food chain. He knows a lot about Damon and uses it to get the upper hand. What he doesn’t quite understand, though, is how strongly Damon feels about Elena. In the same episode (413), we’ll meet Caitlin, another recurring character. She’s a woman with a profound and surprising impact on Professor Shane, and she’ll help shed some light on his motivations.

“Arrow”: A major recurring player will be introduced in episode 13. Halloway is a physically imposing CIA black ops agent who Oliver met on the island. Sent to Lian Yu on a mission that went awry, Halloway has one priority — getting off the island. Unfortunately, he trusts no one, so despite the fact that his interests align with Oliver’s, he may serve as an antagonist — and as a brilliant strategist and expert fighter, he’s definitely dangerous.

“Justified”: In Season 4, we’ll head up into the mountains of Kentucky to meet the hill people, a dangerous backwoods group of ruffians who aren’t all there, if you know what we’re saying. The leader of the group, Cope Entiss, tends to capture and kill any outsiders who trespass into their territory. Turns out, though, that one of the hill people, Mary, recognizes Raylan… and may be related to him.

“The Client List”: The Rub is about to hire its very first male masseur. Derek McCoy is described as a “and sexy rodeo sports therapist – think Matthew McConaughey.” Don’t mind if we do. He’s an army vet with some emotional scars from his time on the battlefield, but he’s got a good sense of humor and he sure doesn’t mind being the only dude working with a whole bunch of beautiful women.

“Body of Proof”: Well, this is… different. In episode 10, we’ll meet Julie and Sarah — identical twins who work together at the FBI as analysts. They assist (and by assist, we definitely mean flirt with) one of our officers during the investigation of a high-profile murder linked to a financial fraud case… and a guy who makes money helping people fake their own deaths.

“Suburgatory”: Tessa gets high in an upcoming episode — but more in a “David After Dentist” way than a “Reefer Madness” way. Star Jane Levy explains to us, “I get my wisdom teeth out and I believe it’s a conspiracy where aliens are coming from outer space to steal my teeth because I’m so high on the painkillers.” Paranoid Tessa? We’re in.

“Switched at Birth”: Bay will go on the Carlton School for the Deaf retreat — and she’ll be pretty surprised when she hears some loud singing. Enter Joey, a guy her age who isn’t deaf… yet. Described as “warm, handsome, and charismatic,” Joey is losing his hearing and trying to commit his favorite music to memory. No word yet on whether he’ll be a new love interest, but he is potentially recurring and he and Bay do share a pair of earbuds under the stars, so… we’ll assume sparks fly.

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