julianna margulies kristoffer polaha nick roux kickstart 10 Spoilers: Kristoffer Polaha makes things 'Awkward,' Billy gets a new 'Jane By Design' love interest, and 'The Good Wife' loses cash flowSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week’s Monday Kickstart offers a little of everything — from scoop on the “Up All Night” newcomer to some money trouble on “The Good Wife.” We’ll also give you some dish on Kristoffer Polaha’s “Awkward” reunion with his “North Shore” co-star Nikki Deloach, and much more.

“Up All Night”:
We’ve already revealed that Reagan’s (Christina Applegate) brother Sam will be joining the show full-time next year — and he’s definitely going to push her buttons when it comes to his lax parenting style. Producers are looking for a “man’s man” type, so we couldn’t help but wonder how Chris (Will Arnett) will react to Sam. Turns out, there’s a bit of a hero-worship thing going on. Sam makes Chris feel “younger, cooler and mellower when they hang out.”

“Rizzoli & Isles”
: An upcoming case will involve four famous brothers in a boy band, The Channel Street Boys — one of whom turns up shot to death after getting involved with drugs. Fans can also look forward to seeing “Supernatural’s” Gabriel Tigerman in a different Season 3 episode.

: Surprise, surprise… another former flame of Harvey’s is showing up. Look for Zoe Crawford, a jury consultant who Harvey had a fling with five years ago, to get called into a Pearson Hardman case — much to Jessica’s chagrin.

“Drop Dead Diva”: Stacy is about to meet the handsome, charming Jonah, just in time for him to attempt to run her business into the ground by claiming that he has patented her trademark “pakes” — pie/cakes. She’ll have to battle him in court… and, oddly enough, in the kitchen, when the judge demands that they take their dispute to the ovens.

“Royal Pains”: UFC fans, get ready to rumble. Hank has a conundrum on his hands when he treats the defending Ultimate Fighting Champion, JJ Smalls… who just can’t stop crying since the birth of his infant son. His wife, Heather, is concerned that he’s got postpartum depression, and that his incessant weeping may lead his opponents in the ring to believe he’s a bit of a softy. Uh, yeah.

“The Good Wife”: Lockhart Gardner has been bleeding money for a while now, and it’s time to call in reinforcements. Clarke, a bankruptcy trustee who is sent to the firm to help cut costs and save it from going under, will not mesh well with Diane, Will, Alicia… or anyone else, for that matter. The recurring character is described as having “a streak of self-righteousness masked as financial common sense.”

Lacey and Kevin  are headed for a rough patch, especially after he
learns that she wrote the “carefrontation” letter that hurt Jenna so
much. Things will be complicated even further when Kristoffer Polaha‘s
character comes into play. He’s a face from Lacey’s past — her very
own “Matty McKibben,” you might say. We’ll get the sense that there
could have been a future for them had Lacey and Kevin not gotten

“American Horror Story”: We know that Season 2 takes place in an institution for the criminally insane… but we’re not sure how these three new characters will fit into that nuthouse. Ryan Murphy and co. are looking for a creepy teenage farmhand, a creepy “extremely extremely thin” and “freakish” 30-something Latina woman, and a creepy child-like and possibly “malformed” actress under 5 feet tall. Let’s just say this all sounds really creepy.

“Jane By Design”: Billy is having a pretty rough time at school — like, eating lunch with Carl the Janitor levels of rough. When he loses it in class, he earns a trip to the office, where he meets a new ally. Zoe is endearing, in a pretending-to-rebel kind of way. Let’s just say they hold hands pretty quickly. We smell a love triangle cooking.

“Haven”: Producers are looking for a “name actor” for a super-creepy guest starring role as Roland Holloway, a man who was once a wealthy charmer and has become “bitter, glib and resentful.” Apparently, being cursed to spend 27 years inside your house can do that to a guy. He’s got some skeletons in his closet and a major bone to pick with Audrey.

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