nina dobrev dylan obrien melinda clarke 10 Spoilers: Stiles' 'Teen Wolf' love life, a 'Vampire Diaries' reunion, and a major reveal on 'Nikita'Since Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart
includes some more dish from our “Teen Wolf” fave Dylan O’Brien, exciting “New Girl” news, plus Kevin Williamson tells us what we don’t yet know about Ryan Hardy’s past on “The Following.”

“Teen Wolf”: If you thought that Jackson leaving Beacon Hills would encourage Stiles to revisit his unrequited love for Lydia… think again. According to Dylan O’Brien, Stiles has officially moved on. “I think if the opportunity presented now, Stiles wouldn’t even take it. He’s mentally, physically, emotionally, trying to move on,” he says, then laughs. “I’m gonna be toying with some new girls, you know what I’m sayin’?” In addition to exploring some potential new love interests this season, Stiles will spend a lot more time with his dad, helping to solve cases at the police department. They’re a regular Veronica and Keith Mars.

“The Vampire Diaries”
: Our not-so-merry band of monsters is currently stuck on an island off the coast of Nova Scotia, and that’s not the only traveling outside of Mystic Falls they’ll be doing this season. The Atlanta set of “The Vampire Diaries” has recently been transformed into both a bustling NYC street, and a festival in Pennsylvania. Katherine may have committed the ultimate crime against Elena, but after she snagged the cure, she’s not going to disappear again. We can expect her to stick around long enough for her to come face-to-face with Elijah. Could there be a centuries-old romance rekindled?

“New Girl”
: Cece wasn’t messing around when she told Schmidt, mid-hookup, that she still planned on marrying an Indian guy, and when she meets a gentleman named Shivrang, it’s on. Yes, there’s a wedding on the way, and Schmidt is definitely going to make one last-ditch attempt to win Cece back… that is, if Cece even makes it to her own ceremony after Jess’s surprise bachelorette extravaganza.

“Hart of Dixie”: Wade has some rough times coming. Not only is his relationship with Zoe headed for disaster (which is totally his fault, by the way) but in an upcoming episode, he and his best friend Lavon hit a significant rough patch. Elsewhere, George and Lemon are about to get caught kissing in a closet. But it may not be quite what you think.

“Nikita”: An upcoming episode will reveal Amanda’s positively chilling back story. We don’t know much about Melinda Clarke’s character before she co-founded Division, and for good reason — she herself doesn’t remember much of her unimaginably traumatic childhood. Flashbacks in Episode 318 will give us an unsettling glimpse into her family life. We’ll even meet her little sister.

“The Following”: In last week’s episode, we learned that Ryan has
been surrounded by death his entire life. His mother died of cancer
when he was fourteen, his father was killed in a corner store hold-up,
and his older brother was a firefighter in New York, who died on 9/11.
Would you believe that there’s more to that story? “His girlfriend, the
very first love of his life, was murdered at the age of 21,” Kevin
Williamson reveals, dishing that the explanation of her death was cut
out of the episode for time. Even then, Ryan believed he could have done
something to save her, and that helped contribute to his stubborn drive
to stop Carroll today.

“Justified”: Remember bail-jumper and murderer Jody Adair from the season premiere? Raylan did a little moonlighting for extra cash by picking him up and it went a bit awry. Well, Jody is back and he definitely has it in for Raylan. In the process of dealing with Jody again, Raylan also gets to play bodyguard for a cute grad student. Because of course he does.

: Ever wondered why Jessa is… the way she is? Several good-sized pieces of that puzzle will fall into place in Sunday’s episode, “Video Games,” when Hannah accompanies Jessa upstate to meet her dad (played by Ben Mendelsohn of “The Dark Knight Rises”). The apple has not fallen as far from the tree as Jessa maybe would like.

“Castle”: How does a girl like Alexis (Molly Quinn) deal with her kidnapping in “Target”? She definitely has some of her father’s deductive reasoning and cool demeanor. Within minutes of waking up in captivity, Alexis and her friend figure out that they’re in an above-ground room in a quiet location and that the kidnappers want them alive. And don’t give the girl bobby pins if you want to keep her in captivity.

“Portlandia”: Lights out! In the Season 3 finale, the show is going to go the way of “Revolution.” Don’t worry though — Portland people are more inclined to admire how nice other people look by candlelight than set up military dictatorships.

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