monday kickstart april 15 supernatural 10 Spoilers: 'Supernatural,' 'Hawaii Five 0,' plus    a new love interest for Beckett on 'Castle'?Since Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart
includes more behind-the-scenes info from the “Vampire Diaries”
spinoff, a missing body on “Hawaii Five-0,” and the hot new guy on

“Nurse Jackie”:
We’ve already seen that new resident Dr. Carrie Roman isn’t shy about
having sex in public places, but one of her upcoming partners could
surprise you. She and Coop start hooking up on a regular basis, and
there’s even a sex tape involved (but it’s not exactly what you would
expect in a post-Kim Kardashian era).

“Awkward”: Season 3 finally premieres tomorrow night — and in
the second back-to-back episode, you’ll meet Jenna’s new love interest,
Colin, played by new recurring guest star Nolan Funk. Though his intro
is brief, he’ll be a very significant part of the season. “He’s a very
passionate writer,” Funk tells us. “In this creative writing class. He
comes from a little bit of money, but he isn’t really pretentious, he
just has a lot of life experience. He’s a little bit adventurous, a
little dangerous. I would say this character is definitely the absolute
contrast to Matty’s character.”

ABC may have already spoiled Malin Akerman’s return as Tessa’s mom in
the season finale, but we’ve got scoop from creator Emily Kapnek on why
Alex is back in the States. The key word, she says, is “opportunistic.”
Also, look for George to find an unlikely friend in a moment of crisis.

“The Vampire Diaries”
We’re getting closer to the highly anticipated “Originals” episode. If
the new spin-off gets picked up, Rebekah will be joining her brothers in
New Orleans — but her role in the April 25 episode is minimal. As you
may know, Claire Holt was the last of the Originals to sign on for the
new series, and the script had already been completed when she inked her
deal. But don’t worry, Rebekah fans — if “The Originals” gets picked
up (and we’re hearing VERY good things from our CW sources), there are
big, big plans in place for her time in New Orleans.

“Hawaii Five-0”
This flashback episode features McGarrett’s covert op that started the
series. Three years ago, McGarrett and SEAL buddy Freddie Hart (“Catching Fire’s” Alan Ritchson)
were sent on a secret mission to extract Anton Hesse, brother to the
man who murdered McGarrett’s father, from North Korea. When Hart is
killed, McGarrett enlists the highest levels of government to retrieve
his body several years later — but the North Koreans give McGarrett the
wrong body. What will McGarrett do to find his SEAL friend?

: Remember Sam’s love interest, Sarah Blake from Season 1? If not, this should help refresh your memory. We’ve confirmed that Taylor Cole is indeed returning to reprise her role. Look for Sarah to reunite with Sam and Dean in episode 822. 

The North Carolina pork board is having a pig roast and the POTUS sends
Vice President Meyer. Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus teases for Zap2it, “In
an effort to get close to the people, she will be going to a hog roast.
And it won’t go very well. A few other things will be roasted besides a
hog, let’s put it that way.”

When Booth’s mother (guest star Joanna Cassidy) comes back into his
life after 24 years of no contact, the FBI agent initially is excited to
see her. But there’s some awkwardness there, obviously. Booth’s true
feelings about the matter may appear when — after mom mentions a hotel
— he insists she stay with him and Brennan. The man’s true feelings are
betrayed by a single line: “I’m not gonna let you go this time!”

In the season finale, Nikita has been bugged! To add insult to injury,
Amanda has planted the bug under Nikita’s skin… which makes for an
interesting dilemma when she demands an ASAP meeting with President
Spencer. Fortunately, Michael and Birkhoff may be able to use the bug to
their advantage.

A new love interest for Beckett? In an upcoming episode, she’ll be
assigned to protect Erik Vaughn (“Ringer’s” Ioan Gruffud), a charming,
wealthy entrepreneur with a keen sense of adventure. Spending time with
Vaughn makes Beckett reconsider her relationship with Castle. Is the
spark gone? (We. Think. Not.)

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie