dillon casey dylan obrien scott caan kickstart 10 Spoilers: 'Teen Wolf' gives Stiles a friend, 'Nikita' risks exposure, and 'Hawaii Five 0' introduces Danny's nephewSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

This week, our Monday Kickstart includes scoop on some new ladies in the “Teen Wolf” mix, a “Parenthood” flirtation, and a major new player in the “Hart of Dixie” medical community.

“Teen Wolf”: More mysterious characters continue to descend on Beacon Hills. Producers are currently casting the recurring Cora, a tough 17-year-old who has been on her own longer than any kid should. She’s got some secret ties to the Beacon Hills werewolves. (Who doesn’t?) In the second episode, we also meet Heather, a friend of Stiles’ who is celebrating her birthday. It’s not a huge role, so she’s probably not a significant love interest, but it does beg the question — who knew Stiles had other friends?

“Revenge”: If you thought Conrad was powerful, wait until you meet Jason Prosser. This recurring new character is described as “competing hedge fund magnate with a fortune to rival Conrad’s and twice his style.” He’ll be around for several episodes… and we’re betting he’s got a secret agenda.

“Nikita”: In episode 11, Sean is framed for the murder of a CIA agent — and Nikita has to take drastic measures to clear his name. In the same episode, another CIA agent, Naomi, happens upon a flash drive that contains the first real proof that the secret organization she’s been tracking actually exists. And yes, that secret organization is Division. Will the whole operation be exposed?

“Parenthood”: Kristina’s chemotherapy will force her to shave her head, and she will have a rough time confronting the stares she gets. Things take a more light-hearted turn, though, when she gets a wig, decides to try out being brunette for a night… and gets a little unexpected attention from a much younger guy. (Don’t worry — no threat to Adam!)

“Hart of Dixie”: Producers are currently casting a major recurring guest star to play Jonah, a handsome, charismatic, slightly arrogant doctor who returns to his hometown of Bluebell to visit his family. He’ll first appear in episode 214, and we’ve got a pretty good feeling he’s going to have his eye on Zoe. Like she needs more men in her life.

“Hawaii Five-0”: We can’t wait for this one. In episode 313, “Kapu,” we’ll meet Danny’s nephew from New Jersey. Eric basically has “Jersey Shore” written all over him — he prefers to be referred to as “E-Train.” Just wait until you see the photo of Danny that Eric emails to everyone in Danny’s address book. Let’s just say it’s… from a calendar.

“Scandal”: In episode 210, we’ll find ourselves a little concerned by Harrison’s taste in women as he hits on a bubbly blonde at a bar (her name is Trixie, she’s a Tri-Delt)… until it’s revealed that he’s chatting her up for a very specific reason. The same episode will see a suspect being brutally, viciously tortured by an interrogator at the Pentagon, until President Grant personally demands his release.

“Smash”: Marilyn is getting her JFK! Producers are currently casting an actor who is a bit of a playboy to recur as the guy coming in to play John F. Kennedy in the musical. Of course, the role requires heavy singing and dancing — any suggestions, Broadway buffs?

“Sons of Anarchy”: Last week’s episode was a rare one this season in that no one ended up dead. Not everyone is so lucky this week — and once again, the body count presents another complication for Jax.

“Go On”: Sandy and the election have meant no “Go On” for the past couple weeks, so Halloween will come late for Ryan King and Co. The Nov. 13 episode is also one of the show’s strongest episodes so far, balancing some very funny lines with a really sweet story reminding us that the people in the Transitions group have some real problems. Tyler James Williams knocks it out.

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