kalinda good wife candice accola vampire sarah rafferty 10 Spoilers: 'The Game' replaces Tia Mowry for Season 6, Kalinda's 'Good Wife' marriage plot, and a renewed 'Vampire Diaries' allianceSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

In this week’s Monday Kickstart, we’ve got some news on “The Good Wife’s” most anticipated new character and some dish on who will be replacing Tia Mowry on “The Game.” We’ve also got plenty of news for you straight from our visit to the ATX Festival in Austin, Texas — a weekend long celebration of all things TV that included discussion of “The Vampire Diaries,” “Suits,” “Hart of Dixie,” and more.

“The Vampire Diaries”: We mentioned that we loved the chemistry between Stefan and Caroline back in Season 2 — and it looks like we’ll see more interaction between those two characters this fall. When Elena’s transformation takes some unexpected turns, we can expect Caroline and Stefan to support each others’ efforts to help her. Caroline will take on the best friend role in Stefan’s life that has been vacant since Lexi’s death.

“Real Housewives of New York”: In tonight’s Season 5 premiere, one of the three new ladies — Carole Radziwill, Heather Thomson or Aviva Drescher — reveals that her ex-husband has dated not one, but two of the veteran housewives. We’re going to need some pinot.

“Hart of Dixie”: The writers return to work this week to start breaking Season 2, so there’s no official word yet as to whether Zoe will choose Wade or George — but if Scott Porter has any say in the matter, Wade may be in luck! We caught up with Scott at ATX Festival, and he told us that he hopes things don’t exactly go George’s way. “We’re going to start sitting down and having meetings over the next couple weeks, but I do hope that George is single for a little while,” he says. “I’ve said it before — I think we haven’t seen George stand alone, except for one episode last year, when he still had unfinished business. Now he and Lemon have had a clean break, so I would love to see him steer clear of the pitfall of going right into another relationship. That would be my hope, that we see a George standing alone a little bit.”

“Suits”: Season 2 begins next week, and we’re pleased to share that our favorite character, Donna, will feature more prominently this year. “About halfway through the first season, we realized that she and Lewis had a great dynamic, she’s great at comedy, she’s great with almost anybody in the show,” executive producer David Bartis told us at ATX Festival. “She’s getting more and more to do, and there are some big moves that happen in Donna’s career by the sixth or seventh episode. More screen time and more story for her — actually, for everybody. In the first season, we had to lean more heavily on Harvey and Mike, but this season they don’t have to carry as much. Rachel, Jessica, Donna and Lewis all get their turn this season.”

“Being Human”: A formidable new presence will come into play next season — Liam, a werewolf-slash-vampire-hunter, will be on a vengeance mission after learning that a pack of vampires killed his son. We’ll also meet Donna, who seems like a normal, everyday chef… but who knows a thing or two about bringing a soul back from Limbo.

“True Blood”: Look forward to Lucy Griffiths’ appearance as Eric’s sister, Nora. These two have a most unusual relationship… and you’ll never believe who she’s working for. We know that when Steve Newlin returns, he’ll be a vampire — but get ready for a new bombshell. His fangs are hardly the most shocking thing about his reappearance. Speaking of returns — we all know Tara is back this season, but the way she returns to the world will blow your mind. The most unlikely source will help out.

“The Good Wife”: Producers are officially looking for the perfect actor to play Kalinda’s mysterious husband, Nick. Here’s how they describe the character: “A master manipulator, full of dark secrets Kalinda would prefer to keep
hidden, he shows up in her life again wanting her back, and trouble
invariably follows.” Even though she knows better, Kalinda may be powerless against his charms — a taste of her own medicine, perhaps?

“The Game”: With Tia Mowry leaving the show, producers are looking for a new female actress to join the cast in the regular role of Kiera, a 20-year-old former child star who has been in the spotlight since she was five years old and starring on a “Cosby” style sitcom. According to the casting call, she’s bright and charming, but struggling into transitioning into a grown-up career.

“The Game” — again: Kiera isn’t the only newbie in town! Another series regular will be hired to play Bryce “The Blueprint” Westbook – a #1, Ivy League draft pick running back who breaks every “dumb athlete” stereotype. He’s not only got a Heisman Trophy, but he’s usually the smartest guy in the room — which sets his new teammates on edge.

“90210”: Look forward to more of Vanessa in Season 5! At the ATX Festival, Arielle Kebbel told us that “the odds are definitely in Vanessa’s favor” when it comes to making a return to our favorite zip code to stir up a little more trouble in Liam’s life. We can also confirm that Tristan Wilds has made a full recovery after a scary bout of Valley Fever took him out of commission toward the end of last season — so he’s definitely well enough to return to the series. You know, provided Dixon survives that car crash.

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