grimm suits castle kickstart 10 Spoilers: The 'Suits' bromance hits close to home and 'Castle' gets ready to rockSince Mondays are just the worst,  Zap2it is here  to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

In this week’s Monday Kickstart, get mid-season finale “Suits” scoop, dish on “Happy Endings” latest foray into music, and a little info about one of the upcoming “Castle” cases.

“Suits”: Harvey and Mike have a great rapport in the office, but get ready for their relationship to travel home. Patrick J. Adams tells us that he and costar Gabriel Macht shot a scene in Mike’s apartment for the midseason finale that was actually quite strange. “You get to see us for the really first time hang out and socialize,” he says. “They are basically hanging out in Mike’s apartment without talking about work. Shooting it was weird. I mean, we loved it, but it was like ‘We’ve never done this before, ever.’ Especially in that environment.”

“New Girl”: We told you about the old Nick last week… and now producers are looking for Young Nick and Young Winston. In the third episode of the season, we’ll see a flashback to Nick and Winston’s childhood antics. Let’s just say Nick hasn’t changed much.

“Castle”: Are you ready to rock? This season’s fourth episode, “Swan Song,” will introduce us to Holy Shemp, an alt-rock band poised to become the next Nirvana until their guitar player, James Swan, is murdered. This one has all the trappings: a bitter stalker, a jilted songwriter, a groupie named “Butterfly” — and, oh yeah… a cultish religion.

“Mike & Molly”: Carl is getting a new partner — temporarily. While Mike is out of town on his honeymoon, Carl is working with Rob, a young, fit, by-the-book officer who is everything that Mike is not. Since Carl is a little peeved with Mike for not keeping in touch during his trip, he’s in the marked for a new BFF.

“Revenge”: It’s never a good thing when journalists come sniffing around Emily’s schemes… unless she knows how to manipulate them from the start. Keep an eye out this season for Nicole Fisk, a seasoned reporter looking for all the summer scoop on the Hamptons. She knows a good story when she sees it, and you can bet she’s about to find one.

“Happy Endings”: If you dug Mandonna last year, get ready for Boyz II Menorah. Obviously, Max and Brad are forming a singing duo to perform at Bar Mitzvahs. Obviously. (Also, turns out that thirteen-year-old newly-minted men find Penny irresistible.)

“Hart of Dixie”: Lemon and Lavon will spend a little more time together this season when she becomes his campaign manager — and, potentially, his friend. Things take a turn when she gets into some trouble (for stealing!) and the mayor takes the rap for her. Just wait until you find out what she stole — it puts her already-sullied reputation in some serious jeopardy.

“2 Broke Girls”: In an attempt to get their cupcake business off the ground, Max and Caroline are going straight to the top: Martha Stewart, Inc. Surprisingly, Martha is pretty receptive to their goods… and she likes their “entrepreneurial spirit.”

“Grimm”: The NBC fairy-tale drama’s sophomore season is focusing on families: Nick’s reunion with his very much alive, badass mom — and their combat with a royal family. Don’t look for Juliet to come out of her coma in Monday’s premiere — but like Sleeping Beauty, she will be awakened by a kiss from a prince. And his name isn’t Nick. Any guesses?

“Political Animals”: In the series (season?) finale, a bombshell turn of events pits Secretary Barrish at odds with Vice President Collier and leaves viewers with a great “Two Cathedrals”-type cliffhanger. Here’s hoping the miniseries is brought back next year for another go.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie