monday kickstart 1 10 Spoilers: 'Vampire Diaries' flashback, 'New Girl' nudity, 'Happy Endings' awkwardness and much moreSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR waits to welcome you home.

For this week’s inaugural Monday Kickstart, we’ve got scoop on some CW season finale fun to come, as well as major “Make It Or Break It” drama for Payson, Martin Starr’s arrival on “New Girl,” and much more.

“Vampire Diaries: Elena’s parents have officially been cast! In a season
finale flashback, we’ll see Miranda and Grayson Gilbert, played by local
Atlanta actors (probably no one you’d recognize). Don’t expect to get a
very in depth look at the parental units, though
— they barely have any lines. Mostly, we’ll see evidence of what we
already knew: They don’t mix well with water. Hopefully Paul Wesley and
Nina Dobrev are ready for a swim.

Awake: Michael has done his best to keep his double life a private matter between himself and his therapists, but after he becomes a suspect in a murder investigation, the secret gets out… and into the wrong hands. Let’s just say this is a case that won’t be wrapped up with just one episode, and it puts Michael’s whole delicately balanced existence into serious jeopardy.

90210″: Last season ended with a pregnancy scare for Naomi. This
season’s finale will also have some major baby mama drama — but it’s
not about Naomi this time! Which West Bev grad do you think will catch
baby fever?

“Bones”: You didn’t think Brennan would have a nice, normal delivery when she gives birth to her daughter, did you? The scenes preceding the birth involve her threatening to “squat on a lawn” and give birth at a wine-tasting… just minutes after causing a full-scale riot in a prison yard. Only on this show.

New Girl”: Get ready: the first time Martin Starr appears as a buddy of Nick’s, he’s Pooh-Bearing. That means he’s wearing a shirt… and nothing else. Not to be confused with Yogi-Bearing, which involves only wearing a tie. Suffice to say it causes some awkwardness.

Castle”: It’s “Castle” meets “Walking Dead” in the season finale
when the team discovers a suspect’s bizarre hobby: he participates in
Zombie Walks – big, public “flash mob” type events where people show up
in full zombie makeup. Kind of like live-action
zombie role play… at the mall. When everyone looks dead, it might just be the perfect cover for a murder.

“Justified”: The gang’s all here for the U.S. Marshals office this week – Rachel and Tim team up for some surveillance on Dickie Bennett, while Raylan and Art buddy up to catch Quarles. One of the Marshals even shoots someone – and it’s not Raylan pulling the trigger (for once).

“Make It Or Break It”: Training for the Olympics makes for strange bedfellows this season. With Payson and Kaylie on the outs, Payson wand Lauren will become closer confidantes. You know, until Payson shares one of Lauren’s secrets and Lo feels all betrayed. Oh, and remember that video of Payson kissing Sasha that caused so much trouble? It will come out who leaked it this year.

“Happy Endings”: If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “One thing that would make this season of ‘Happy Endings’ so much better is if we could see Max earnestly singing a Madonna song while all his friends dance,” you’re in luck. It’s “Like A Prayer.” Also, prepare for more complications of the romantic sort to arise in Dave and Alex’s friendship — the former lovebirds end the season in a decidedly different place than they began it.

“Hart of Dixie”: No surprise here — the season finale centers around Lemon and George’s wedding, with all love triangles present and accounted for. The dilemma arises when both George and Zoe make significant choices about who they want to be with (and where they want to be). Let’s just say those choices may not exactly sync up.

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Posted by:Carina MacKenzie