paul wesley sophia bush dax shepard 10 Spoilers: 'Vampire Diaries' heads to World War II, 'Fringe' switches sidesSince Mondays are just the worst, we here at Zap2it
have decided to give your week a much-needed wake-up call with 10 TV
teasers — just to remind you that when the work day is over, your DVR
waits to welcome you home.

For this week’s Monday Kickstart,
get some inside scoop on two upcoming “Vampire Diaries” flashbacks, learn about a bold “Parenthood” storyline that’s sure to incite conversation, and find out who’s hanging out with Observers on “Fringe.”

“The Vampire Diaries”: We’ve seen the Salvatore brothers during the Civil War, and now we’re heading back in time once again — to World War II. This time, it’s Stefan who goes into battle … and yes, we will see him in uniform. And yes, he looks as good as you’d imagine. Speaking of flashbacks, we’ve confirmed exclusively that Scottish actor Paul Telfer will play Alexander, a vampire hunter in the 1100s whose encounter with Rebekah reveals quite a bit about her character.

“Parenthood”: This season, we’ve been focused on Kristina’s upcoming battle with breast cancer, but in this week’s episode, our attention is diverted to Crosby’s family a bit. When Jabbar is in the studio with his dad, he hears a rapper use the N-word, which prompts a refreshing, honest family dilemma as Crosby and Jasmine try to explain what the word means. It’s a bit jarring to hear it used on a broadcast TV show, but the honest look at the issue and the beautifully written moments that the family share make it a story worth telling. (P.S., this is also “Friday Night Lights” star Matt Lauria’s first episode… and he’s great. Keep your ears peeled for a fun FNL reference.)

: If you’re like us, you probably love the “Suburgatory” theme song. The upcoming season premiere will give us some backstory and context on the familiar tune when Tessa takes the stage in the fall talent show. Did you know Jane Levy could sing?

“The Good Wife”
: If you thought Kalinda’s estranged husband Nick was menacing in the season opener, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Dude has some serious psychotic tendencies, which become increasingly clear in episode 2. But of course, that just seems to draw Kalinda in like a moth to a flame. Maybe these two deserve each other.

“Partners”: The first few episodes focus heavily on the four main cast members, but their world will open up a little bit more in the future as more friends and family members are introduced. Look forward to meeting Buck, an outspoken friend of Louis’s. When he and his “barb-tongued” friends get together for their weekly viewing of “Mob Wives,” things always get a little saucy… and he’s not particularly pleased when Louis brings Ali along for the festivities one week. (P.S. We’ve got a feeling that Ali can really bring something to that tiny-whiny party, if Buck just gives her a chance…)

“Cougar Town”: The gang has plenty of fun in store for you when the series returns on TBS this winter. In the fifth episode, we’ll meet Erin, an old high school classmate of Travis’ who has undergone FTM gender reassignment surgery. The casting department is looking for a “very pretty male” to play the role.

“Fringe”: Peter is switching sides! In an upcoming episode, the younger Bishop will become a loyalist, wearing the uniform of the Observers’ fiercest defenders, including that telltale face tattoo. Call it a hunch, but we’re guessing there’s a twist in there somewhere.

“The Walking Dead”: The powers that be have promised we’ll see a lot more Walker action in Season 3, and they weren’t kidding. The action-heavy season premiere focuses on Rick and company commandeering a prison infested with Walkers, and everyone — from Carol to Carl — contributes to the cause. We tried to tally the number of gory on-screen Walker kills, and lost count after two dozen.

“The New Normal”: A little behind-the-scenes fun! Ryan Murphy sent out a casting notice looking for a long-haired six-year-old girl… to play a six-year-old boy. Later, the casting notice was amended — we suppose they didn’t get many parents chomping at the bit for that role. Now, they’re looking for a “VERY effeminate” (their words and emphasis, not ours) boy to play the role of Ian’s (Erik Weiner)’s son Henry, a boy who wants to dress as a fairy for Halloween.

“The Mindy Project”: In an upcoming episode, we’ll meet Mindy’s surrogate family — since her parents were so busy being important doctors, she was practically raised by her babysitter, Mrs. Brighton. In the seventh episode, the tables have turned… now Important Doctor Mindy has no time for Mrs. Brighton. Expect hijinks to ensue when Mindy tries to prove that she can do better.

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