yaya dacosta arlen escarpeta whitney lifetime 10 'Whitney' Houston movie moments we hope are true

Lifetime’s headline provoking Whitney Houston movie aired Saturday, Jan. 17 and in addition to rehearing the singer’s music and seeing the moments that inspired the songs, the movie showed a rare — although not necessarily 100% accurate — glimpse inside Houston’s personal life. 
Directed by Angela Bassett, “Whitney” largely focused on the award-winning singer’s relationship with husband Bobby Brown. It also showcased a personal side to the late singer with moments that are so good, we hope they really happened. 
1. Whitney says “It’s Time To Be Whitney Houston” out loud to herself before she faces a crowd.

time to be whitney houston 10 'Whitney' Houston movie moments we hope are true
2. Whitney seduced Bobby Brown with the old “Let me give you a tour” line at her 26th birthday party in her mega-mansion. 
3. Whitney ate her “usual,” a hamburger and fries, all the time and never worked out. 
4. Whitney settled fights with Bobby by starting a tickle war. 
5. It was Whitney’s idea to keep it casual with Bobby at first. 
6. Whitney was obsessed with the 1976 movie “Sparkle.” (OK, we know this one is true since she was a driving force behind the posthumously released 2012 remake. Still, her love for the original is super endearing.)
7. Whitney did a “We gettin’ married” dance when Bobby proposed and when she delivered the news to her family. 

whitney houston dance 10 'Whitney' Houston movie moments we hope are true
8. Whitney asked for a two year break from touring after the birth of her only child, Bobbi Kristina. 
9. Whitney would often sing Bobbi Kristina to sleep at night.
10. Bobby stood in the wings and watched Whitney sing “I Will Always Love You,” staring longingly at her — at least once. 
whitney lifetime will always love you 10 'Whitney' Houston movie moments we hope are true
Posted by:Sarah Huggins