” fans: the final 20 in my week-long series of things I love about this show. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey as much as I have. I’m sure the final three weeks of Season 5 will be providing us with plenty of additions to the following list of things I love about this season so far.

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Onto the final 20!

81. Everything in the opening sequence of “Because You Left,”

from Pierre Chang’s choice of record through the familiar face

he bumps into while leaving the Orchid. “Lost” announced

in these few minutes that it was ready to let its freak flag fly.

Hell to the yes, replieth I and many others.

82. Richard’s

marching orders to a very confused John Locke after the flashes

start. Why Richard needed to give these instructions so urgently is

one of Season 5’s most fascinating mysteries. Might we see his side of this conversation before season’s end? More than likely.

83. Daniel Faraday and Desmond Hume create history, literally, with their

encounter outside the Swan’s doors. Why is Desmond uniquely

special, and what does that portend as the season/series wind


84. Flaming Frogurt! Flaming Frogurt!

Flaming Frogurt! Just rolls off the tongue, really.

85. “Libby says hi.”

Ana Lucia’s finest moment on the show, and still one of the

great quotes this season.

86. The chilling

reveal of The Lamp Post, and the druid math performed by Eloise

Hawking. I think we have a pretty good idea who the “clever

fellow” that conceived of this place is now, don’t we?

Mom must be so proud.

87. “Jughead”

as a whole, to me the high watermark of the season to date. Widmore

on the Island! Faraday states his love for Charlotte! Little Charlie!

“Jughead” itself! I mean, it’s not even fair to

have that much good stuff in one episode.

88. Sawyer watching Kate helping Claire give birth to Aaron. Seeing the

shaft of light pour from the Swan was cool, but this was straight-up


89. Jin+Danielle=win. As

soon as Locke and company saw the French writing on the wreckage, I

started to squeal. Throw in my inappropriate man-crush on Daniel DayDae

Kim and you had an almost perfect moment.

90. Charlotte telling Daniel she remembers him from her childhood. Just

watch the light go out from Daniel’s eyes during this scene. If

anyone could understand the implications of such a seemingly

impossible statement, it would be him.

91. Frank Lapidus, Pilot, Ajira Airways 316. “We’re not

going to Guam, are we?” Hee.

92. Sawyer convincing Juliet to “have his back” and stay with

her on the Island at the end of “LaFleur.” My personal

favorite scene of Season 5 to date. Just perfection.

93. Radzinsky building the Swan model inside the Flame Station. As if the

Swan wasn’t already the spiritual center of the mysteries

surrounding the true purpose of the Dharma Initiative, this ornery

genius’ involvement in its design took things up a notch or


94. Sayid’s drug-induced

confession to Oldham. One of the few times “Lost” let

itself have some fun with its outlandish premise.

95. The show heard round the “Lost” world: Sayid shoots Ben. Because admit it: you never thought this would

happen. Ever. And while this apparently always and ever happened, this moment

proved “Lost” had not remotely lost its ability to shock

and stun the audience.

96. Miles and Hurley

discussing time travel paradox. Gold not only for the dialogue, but

the personalities given those words. Not only was this fall-down

funny, but proved that the writers had a really, really good shot of

avoiding every typical time-travel pothole that plagues stories of

this kind.

97.  Kate’s reason for

returning to the Island: to reunite Claire with Aaron. I’m not

the biggest Kate fan, but this one revelation justified her actions

in Season 5 and gave her a character-based, emotionally resonant

reason for returning to the Island. Now, if we can just give one of

those to any of the male members of the O6, we’d be


98.  Ben steals Alex from

Danielle. Some people complained that this scene didn’t show

anything new. Really? We all knew that Charles ordered the Island

Dauphin to kill them both, only to kidnap Alex and spare Danielle’s

life due to his own traumatic past? Really? We knew this? Maybe you

did. I sure as hell didn’t.

99. The

Altar of Anubis, deep in the bowels of the Temple, showing the statue

in some form of engagement with what we know as the Monster. The fact

that Ben seemed to have never seen it before only deepens its


100.  Hurley rewrites “The

Empire Strikes Back.” Then again, I’m biased. We’re going to miss these light

moments as the season goes the way of the dark side over the next

three weeks.

There you have it: 100 things I love about “Lost.” Be sure to list those moments nearest and dearest to your hearts, Season 5 or otherwise, below!

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