jenniferlopez2 amas 290 11 memorable stage falls: Adam Lambert and J.Lo have companyAdam Lambert and Jennifer Lopez both took spills at Sunday’s American Music Awards, which got us thinking A) what the hell was on the stage that made it so slippery, and B) about some of their famous brethren who’ve gone ass-over-teakettle while performing.

Even a cursory Internet search revealed that Lambert and J.Lo are far from alone in taking a dive on stage. Performers from Madonna (at the end of this very low-quality video) to Naomi Campbell to Kylie Minogue have all taken tumbles, and fortunately for us cameras were there to record them.

Here, then, are some notable celebrity pratfalls of recent years. Look out below.

Beyonce: Ouch. This does not look comfortable, but she bounced back up pretty quickly.

Michelle Williams: Beyonce’s former bandmate in Destiny’s Child went down too. The best part of this one is the fact that neither Beyonce nor Kelly Rowland so much as even try to help her up.

Steven Tyler: The Aerosmith frontman suffered injuries to his shoulder, neck and head after tumbling from the stage in South Dakota in August. He’s OK now.

Lady Gaga: A minor stumble at the beginning of the clip. Given her fashion choices, we’re a little surprised this doesn’t happen more often.

Robbie Williams: The Britpop star danced a little jig and ended up on his backside during a 2006 concert. Nice recovery, though.

Britney Spears: Oops, she fell in Japan.

Jennifer Garner: With 35 million-plus people watching, Garner managed not to eat it during the 2006 Oscars and even recovered quickly enough to crack a joke about her near-fall: “I do my own stunts.”

Carmen Electra: Double bonus in this clip: After Electra goes down, the next model taking the stage also bites it while emerging from the wings.

Whitney Port: The “Hills”/”City” star was modeling Oscar dresses on “Good Morning America” a couple years ago when she failed to execute the difficult “walking down stairs” maneuver.
Whitney Port –Good Model Falling America

Miss USA Rachel Smith: We’re guessing that this is not how you impress the judges.

Tyra Banks: Want a recipe for fun? Put Tyra in proximity to a porcupine, step back and watch the crazy ensue.

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