justin bieber breaks neck rumor 11 year old mayor names Texas street after Justin BieberNever underestimate the power of a Belieber.

An 11-year-old Justin Bieber fan, who recently won a contest to be mayor for the day of a Dallas suburb, named the town’s main drag after the Canadian pop star.

In one of her first acts as Mayor of Forney, Texas, Caroline Gonzalez renamed Main Street to “Justin Bieber Way.”

The acting mayor/elementary school student told KDAF-TV on Tuesday (Aug. 16), “I just really like Justin Bieber and I thought it would be cool if we had a street in our town named after him.”

“Justin Bieber Way” only had a one-day run, however. The town’s actual mayor, Darren Rozell, announced that Main Street returns to being Main Street on Wednesday.

It could have been worse. She could have required everyone to get a Bieber hair-do.

Posted by:David Eckstein