boy meets world netflix shows abc 12 TV shows Netflix should add in 2014: 'Boy Meets World,' 'Gilmore Girls' and moreAs Netflix forges ahead with its annual purge of available streaming titles, which saw a handful of TV shows and movies expire from the service on Jan. 1, a crop of new additions are taking their place. And while we suppose someone is excited about Seasons 5-8 of “Dexter” and the entire series run of “Murder, She Wrote,” there’s still a mess of programming that we’d love to see get added to streaming service.

1. “Beverly Hills, 90210”

With the death of SOAPnet, how else will be get our fix of Brandon, Brenda and the like? Season 1 may be available on competitor Amazon Prime, but that’s it. We need all 10 seasons at our fingertips, stat.

2. “Gilmore Girls”

Would you believe there is nowhere online to stream this WB gem? We demand easy access to Stars Hollow and its quirky inhabitants, and we demand it now.

3. “Roseanne”

Nine seasons of the Domestic Goddess and her blue-collar clan and not a second of it is available to stream online. Not cool.

4. “Boy Meets World”

“Girl Meets World” is making its way to TV this year on Disney Channel. Hoping to catch up on its predecessor before it does? Well, you can’t on Netflix or anywhere else online. Mr. Feeny would be so disappointed.

5. “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”

It’s your right as an American to be able to watch Carlton Banks dance whenever you see fit. Netflix is denying you that right.

6-7. “Friends”/”Seinfeld”

Sure, you can catch this pair of NBC golden children on TV at just about any hour of the day, but that doesn’t make it any stranger than there’s nary a minute of either available on Netflix.

8. “Everwood”

Another WB gem that is nowhere to be found.

9. “Adventure Time”

Netflix only has the Season 1 adventures of Finn the Human and Jake the Dog. Where is the rest? Don’t make us sic Lumpy Space Princess on you, Netflix.

10-11. “MADtv”/”In Living Color”

“Saturday Night Live” gets all of Netflix’s love, leaving Miss Swan and Homey the Clown out in the cold.

12. “Downton Abbey”

We know, we know: We have to get Amazon Prime if we hope to stream the Crawleys. But we can dream, right?

Which TV show would you love to see be added to Netflix in 2014? Vote in our poll below – and if your favorite isn’t there, share it in the comments!

Posted by:Billy Nilles