briana 16 and pregnant '16 and Pregnant': Briana has her mom and sister on her side (thank goodness)It was clear that Briana’s episode of “16 and Pregnant” would be dramatic once we found out that her sister, Brittany, had gotten pregnant at the same time and decided not to go through with the pregnancy, and that she wasn’t dating the baby’s father anymore.

While Briana and Brittany clashed during the pregnancy — Britanny naturally had complicated feelings watching her sister go through with something she didn’t — Brittany softened up once little Nova made her way into the world.

Nova arrived in an interesting manner — Briana and her friends went to visit some ghost hunters for a fun night out, but they ended up having to leave early when B got a stomach ache that later intensified and turned out to be labor pains. Maybe the paranormal activity was too much for the babe!

In the end, though, the episode was as heartbreaking as we expected as the baby’s daddy, Deivon, wanted nothing to do with his kid or his ex. Thank goodness Briana’s mom and sister are so loving and supportive.

“Never make a permanent decision on temporary feelings,” Briana says in her end-of-episode confessional. She’s got a great attitude despite her crappy ex. She’s keeping her nose in her school books, continuing to get her Associate’s degree, and truly appreciating the help from her mom and her sister.

Posted by:Jean Bentley