16 and pregnant lindsey '16 and Pregnant': Meet Lindsey, a cage fighter slash model slash teen momLindsey is an ambitious girl, that’s for sure. But her aspirations — to become a police detective, a professional cage fighter and a model — were put on hold when she got pregnant at 16. Unfortunately, Forest, the boyfriend of the latest “16 and Pregnant” subject, doesn’t really want to put himself out for the sake of his child, so Lindsey is the one who has to give everything up.

Isn’t that the way it always goes on this show? Early in the episode — as teased in the Season 4 trailer — Lindsey laments, “I can’t model anymore; I can’t cage fight; I can’t hunt; I can’t do anything I normally would do.”

But while she spends her summer working long hours at a fast food joint in Reno to save up money in anticipation of the arrival of her daughter, Aniyah, her boyfriend’s mom won’t let him get a job so he doesn’t fail school. Because it’s totally okay for Lindsey to be responsible for everything and fail school. (We’re eye-rolling so hard right now.)

Lindsey seems like a pretty tough, determined teenager, so we’re hoping she manages to shake the dead weight and accomplish all her goals.

What did you think of the episode?

Posted by:Jean Bentley